Monday 25 September 2023

Happy Homemaker 2023-09-25

Last monday of September! and Rudolph day too 

Last week at work was nuts, just too much to do.  I MIGHT talk to new boss and tell her I can't do both jobs that I am doing... they are supposed to hire someone but since April (since other cw left), I have her job and mine to do and Fall there is so much more to come.

DH picked up grandkids on Thursday after daycare and they had supper and slept here.  both are still coughing.

Saturday I decided it's time to tackle some of the basement deep-clean (even though I did NOT feel like it... but it was worthwhile and not so bad).  DS & grandkids arrived around 11:00 for the day.  DDIL was working at a wedding for extra $$.

Sunday was housechores and laundry for me.  DH got the pieces out of the attic so the grandkid's twin beds can be put into bunk beds and brought them to ds's house.  He also transformed our bassinette in a small bed (in our bedroom). He then mowed the lawn.

I invited the family over for Thanksgiving weekend... so I need to plan for that.  Had a chat with sis this week and we will need my brother's help for some stuff for my parents.  I need to talk to them as sis is doing it all by herself and she has way too much on her plate.

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The weather

Today is a bit cooler with gray skies, 17C and wind. 
Nice and sunny for the upcoming week with 20C temperatures.  Perfect weather

Looking around the house
All is looking fine after Sunday's reset - except I've decided to do another section of the basement
 where there is storage.  Had to pull it all out to clean, hope I can declutter some stuff while at it

Thinking and pondering
Had a FTime with sis on Friday night, mom is doing more and more weird things.
If we want to go to Chicago in November we need to book soon.
Plan Thanksgiving weekend

Tv this week
Alot ... way too much.

Listening to or interesting blog I saw this week
Following a free naturopathy 8-episode seminar (medicinal herbs)

Things on the menu this week
No idea

On my reading pile
Les sorcières de Keating Hollow T2 by Deanna Chase

On my to-do list

  • Deep clean 2 basement bedrooms (furniture, floors, walls, woodwork, windows, curtains... ceiling was done beforehand and closet will be done later - waiting to bring things to dd's new house before tackling it)
  • Cut more flowers out back
  • Laundry
  • vac main floor
  • General pick up
  • Wash main bathroom
  • Dust all main floor

  • Post here - DONE
  • Deep-clean another section of the basement
  • Work on a painting tutorial?  not sure about that one, it is beautiful but I think I,ll skip.
  • Order stuff for stocking stuffers
  • Prep for work tomorrow
  • ...
  • 1 plastic squirrel (outside decoration broke)
  • 1 big box (was our stand-up fan, don't need the box anymore)
  • Parts for the bunk beds
  • 1 bath toy (broken)
  • Empty box I took out of the pantry

Upcoming this week
Tuesday - in town work
Continue naturopathy webinairs
DH will probably pick grandkids up from daycare one evening and they'll stay for supper

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 

Thinking it's time I take out some knitting

My simple pleasure
Having the house in order

From the camera:

Quote for the week:


  1. Sounds like a busy week. I am starting to think about Thanksgiving too. We will probably go to my daughter's house. I hope your boss is understanding. It's not fair to expect you to continue doing two jobs.

  2. Wow busy, busy week ahead! Don't overdo it! Make some time for yourself too. Have a great week!

  3. Hello lovely Lucie!
    Yes, I absolutely think you should be up front with your boss regarding the stress of your job! It's not worth hurting your health and too much stress will do that. 💗
    That's right - your Thanksgiving comes up soon in October. I hope that you get lots of helpers with that too. 😉
    Love the Fall poster - such good points. I found that so intriguing. :)

  4. You are so motivated with the decluttering. I can't even find the motivation to clean my house most days, let alone declutter and it needs it! Hope your work isn't too crazy this week, doing the job of 2 people when you are only 1 person is a lot. Have a wonderful week!