Monday, 26 July 2021

Happy Homemaker 2021-07-06


Last week we went to my parent's house for our vacations - stayed 4 days.  Nice to reconnect with family.  My son and family came too - they went to some indoor games with Xavier.  I went to the store with dniece (13) and bought her a book and 2 purses (2nd one was $1 with 1st buy) and gave the equivalent to dnephew (11). Me & Sis did some purging while mom was out too. A very hot week.

Got back home, unpacked, did laundry, vac'd main floor, cleaned main bathroom (did not have time before we left).  Dh's cousin and girlfriend came to chat one evening.  we also visited one evening with some friends of dh.  We had the grandkids while ds and ddil played golf on Friday.

Sunday afternoon did errands (rainy day) costco and IKEA, followed by supper at the local pizza place with sil & bil.

This week we will be staying at home - Monday afternoon my brother and girlfriend will be here and staying for supper (maybe overnight too?) - tuesday we will have Anne-E while the kids go to the waterpark with Xavier. Wednesday they want to go play golf so we will have the grandkids.

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .

The weather (in celsius)
Scattered thunderstorms
Partly cloudy
Mostly sunny
Scattered showers

Finally lower temperatures, so tired of the heat and humidity

On my mind
Trying to find time to paint and knit... just doesn't seem to be happening

On the breakfast plate
Millet cream

On my reading pile
The Land of painted caves de Jean M. Auel.  The fifth in the Earth's children series.  

On my tv
La belle vie avec Go-Van
Big Brother
Mr. Mercedes (season 3)
The Walking dead (season 8)
Christmas movies!!!  dvrd a bunch that were available for Christmas in July.

Interesting youtube vlog I saw this week


On the menu this week
No idea - we will be on vacation

From the camera:
A page from a book - biography of one of my great -aunts.  this one concerns my great-grandparents.

Looking around the house
Lots to do .... more decluttering but will wait until my husband is out of the house... he reorganizes but doesn't purge much. 

On my to-do list

  • Pick up and get the house guest-ready as my brother and girlfriend are coming this afternoon

Decluttering (items that actually got taken out of the house)
  • An old cd-radio that wasn't working very well
  • Loads of papers (dh went through old income tax records)
  • Empty boxes
  • 1 tablecloth

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 
relax, read, spend time with family

Quote of the week 

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Christmas in July 2021 day 25 / Noël en juillet 2021 jour 25

CIJ day 25 / jour 25

MERRY CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!  Hope you enjoyed my blogposts and that you could feel the Christmas vibes around you even in July.

 And to finish it off, a nice easy Christmas mocktail

White Christmas Mojito.

Prep Time 5 MINUTES

Total Time 5 MINUTES

Servings: 1 drink

Calories Per Serving: 311 kcal


juice of 1 lime

8 leaves mint

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons white rum

1 tablespoon coconut rum

1/4 cup canned unsweetened coconut milk

sparkling water for topping

pomegranate arils for serving


1.      In a glass, muddle the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves until the leaves have broken down. Fill the glass half way with ice.

2.      In a blender, combine the white rum, coconut rum, and coconut milk and pulse until smooth. Pour over the ice and stir to combine. Top with sparkling water, mint and pomegranate. Drink!

Source: White Christmas Mojito. - Half Baked Harvest


Saturday, 24 July 2021

Christmas in July 2021 day 24 / Noël en juillet 2021 jour 24

CIJ day 24 / jour 24

I decided to chose one of the movies I watched this year for our Christmas Night at the movies.

Sleing bells ring (2016)

Starring : Erin Cahill and David Alpay

PLOT:via Hallmark: Single mom Laurel Bishop (Cahill) is ready to be promoted to City Manager, but first she needs to put together a gorgeous Christmas Parade in just two weeks! When she finds a beautiful old sleigh she knows it will be perfect for the Santa float if she can fix it up in time. But things go awry as the magical sleigh seems to have a mind of its own, and keeps nudging her back to her handsome former high school sweetheart, David (Alpay).

There is magic in that sleigh!

I liked it, of course you must like the Hallmark Christmas movies.  I liked the disappearing sleigh.

You can watch a preview here Preview - Sleigh Bells Ring - Starring Erin Cahill and David Alpay - Hallmark Channel - YouTube




Friday, 23 July 2021

Christmas in July 2021 day 23 / Noël en juillet 2021 jour 23

 CIJ day 23 / jour 23


List of Christmas movies I watched (and had not seen before) and recorded in 2020!  Lots and lots of them.  Finished the last one on my list on May 14th   (they count for 2020 because that’s when I recorded them)!  Just in time for the movies coming out for CIJ 2021. 

 As you can guess I now have the W Channel (Hallmark movies) so I had a great choice this year.  I even got a few from lifetime… I must admit a have a liking for the Lifetime ones, they are just a little bit more interesting.

 I wrote them down so I wouldn’t record the same one twice.  Have been doing that for the last 3 years.  I do wish Hallmark would change their movie stars once in awhile, it is so often the same ones (I do like them but not quite as often):  Alicia Witt, Candace Cameron-Bure , Danica McKellar, Lacey Chabert, …

 54!! No wonder my recorder was so full!  I did watch a few other ‘classic’ Christmas movies (Elf, Christmas Vacation, etc…)

 A Cheerful Christmas (2019)

A Christmas Hero (2016)

A Christmas wish (2019)

A Gift of Miracle (2015)

A Godwink Christmas (2020)

A Family Thanksgiving (2010)

A Midnight Kiss (2018)

A Taste of Christmas (2020)

A Timeless Christmas (2020)

Candy Cane Christmas (2020)

Chateau Christmas (2020)

Cherished memories: a gift to remember (2019)

Christmas by Starlight (2020)

Christmas in Montana (2019)

Christmas in wonderland (2007)

Christmas in Evergreen – bells are ringing (2020)

Christmas in Vienna (2020

Christmas on wheels (2020)

Christmas on my mind (2019)

Christmas Reservations (2019)

Christmas Tree Lane (2020)

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Christmas (2019)

Christmas With the Darlings (2020)

Christmas Wonderland

Coming home for Christmas (2013)

Cranberry Christmas (2020)

Feliz Navidad (2020)

Finding Father Christmas (2016)

Five-Star Christmas (2020)

Heart of the Holidays (2020)

Holiday for Heroes

Holiday Home (2019)

Holiday Joy (2016)

Holly & Joy (2020)

Inn for Christmas (2020)

Jingle Bell Bride (2020)

Love at the Thanksgiving parade (2012)

Love, Lights, Hanukah (2020)

Marrying Father Christmas (2018)

Meet me at Christmas (2020)

Never kiss a main in a Christmas sweater (2020)

Office Christmas party (2017) – has very coarse language

Once upon a Mainstreet (2020)

One Royal Holiday (2020)

On The 12th Date of Christmas (2020)

Our Christmas Love Song (2019)

Project Christmas wish (2020)

Sleigh bells ring (2016)

The Angel tree (2020)

The Christmas bow (2020)

The Christmas Doctor (2020)

The Christmas House (2020)

The Christmas Ring (2020)

The Christmas Sheppard (2014)

USS Christmas (2020)


Thursday, 22 July 2021

Christmas in July 2021 day 22 / Noël en juillet 2021 jour 22

CIJ day 22 / jour 22


My Christmas notebook cover – made of felt.  I used a pattern from a coloring book.  I still like it after all these years.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Christmas in July 2021 day 21 / Noël en juillet 2021 jour 21

CIJ day 21 / jour 21

Centerpiece I made for the kitchen table using Styrofoam cones and glued different fabrics on it.  Added a pompom on top and the rim is a dollarstore pipe cleaner that was extra large.


Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Christmas in July 2021 day 20 / Noël en juillet 2021 jour 20


CIJ day 20 / jour 20


Small items I crocheted for a garland.


I know now there are some in the stores but when I made it, I had only seen it on the web.  I hang the garland on the stair bannister and it is really pretty.  I did not have a pattern just did it as I thought.