Monday, 19 September 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday 2022-09-18

Good morning!  

Good news... boss told me I can go in only 1 day a week... she is not doing it for me but because they just hired a retiree 4 days a week and are letting her come in 1 day, so since I also do 4 days she decided to be fair (pffff, they gave it to the 'new employee' when she asked and I have been a loyal, hard-working employee for 22 years and she had refused it for me).   Ah well, at least I go in only 1 day... until new rules come out on Monday, then we will see... so in fact maybe I won't be able to enjoy the 1-day a week in-office after all.

We won't be going to Chicago for Canadian Thanksgiving, my brother rented a cottage and all the family will be going.  Should be fun! LE-TORTILLARD | Charlevoix | 14 personnes (

Monday had a follow-up doctor's appointment - all is fine.

Thursday went to dentist with sore tooth, will need a root canal - scheduled later in the month. Went to sil, it was bil's 65th bday, went for a cup of tea in the evening and to wish him a happy birthday.

Last week dh picked up grandkids early from daycare on Thursday as her son had a hockey game so all the parents had to leave work early to pick up their children.  She told them it's the last time I do this... at 8:30 at night she sends text to parents that she was closed on Friday. pffff  So dh babysat on Friday with me helping during lunch and after work.  Xavier had pink eye but ddil said he was ok when we talked to her on Sunday (she had used some eyedrops).

Saturday we went to dd's (she wasn't there was away for the weekend with a friend) to install her blinds... not perfect but will do, it's only an appartment and if we consider her moving average, shouldn't be there long ;)  Left there and went to a country music festival  Had lunch around 2:00 and then met sil and bil with their friends.  Walked around the kiosks for awhile and left around 5:30.  Stopped for supper on our way home (they had staff problems and we won't be going back there even though the food was fine) and got home at 9:00... saw a big car accident on the way back (1 dead), ugh.

Sunday was lots of housechores for me and dh working in his garage.  Chatting FT with my parents too.  Supper at a hamburger joint with other bil and sil.

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The weather (in celsius)
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Much cooler this week, yay it's almost Fall!

On my mind 
Tuesday our new President at work is asking all permanent employees to be there.  found myself a lift as there are no more parkings... welcome Covid! as there should be more than 2000 people there.  We will be having lunch with our team... even though it was quite EVIDENT our boss did not feel like was an obligation. pfff
Upcoming this week
Next Sunday is dh's cousin's funeral he was 67 (cancer).  I don't think anything will follow the funeral.

On the breakfast plate
Olive and swiss cheese bread I bought at the festival yesterday with oat milk

On my reading pile

Finished my book at noon, need to chose another one.

On my tv
Big Brother
Personnes d'intérêt (saison 1)
Too much to list with all new programs starting last week!

Interesting youtube vlog I saw this week

The Diane In Denmark early Christmas Hygge planning series... am on day 21 now

On the menu this week
Absolutely no idea

From the camera:
Our weekend in pictures

Local country singer

Looking around the house
The ordinary is done but I need to tackle some extra chores

On my to-do list

Over the weekend
  • Vac'd main floor
  • Dusted main floor
  • Laundry
  • Washed main bathroom
  • Got Xavier a mini-photo album for pictures I had printed of him so he can play with them
  • Washed small handprints in LR window and patio door window
  • Got the curtains put back up in ds' old bedroom (had lent them to dd until we installed the blinds)

  • Post here - DONE
  • Prep for work tomorrow
  • Cook pork loin
  • Check if I have the supplies to bake a sheet pancake.. never tried it before but would be good to take to the cottage on Thanksgiving.
  • Go through drawers in dd's bedroom... my clothes that I had put there and not worn in years
  • Do the Fall barn painting of Jesse Robertson (hopefully!)
  • Make a card for dniece's upcoming bday in October
  • Laundry
  • ... lots more on the to-do list but it's sunny out so might be doing some outside stuff instead

  • 1 pair of jeans (dh)
  • 1 bra
  • Sunglasses

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 
Seeing old friends for the 1st time since pandemia at work.
Updating Fall list, Thanksgiving weekend list, to-do lists... I enjoy lists!

Funny of the week


  1. Sounds like it will be a pretty busy week. Sure hope your work sorts itself out soon and the meeting tomorrow is a good thing. The daycare situation sounds so chaotic - good thing you and hubby can help so much. Have a great week.

  2. Wow, you certainly have a huge to-do list! I rarely watch TV but I do love YouTube. That YouTube series sounds intriguing indeed.

  3. Well that's not a great way to treat a long standing employee.... sheesh! I hope the new rules go in your favor!! Fun weekend pics!! Have a great week!

  4. Hello Friend! Geesh, your work sounds crazy and frustrating. I'm so sorry they don't treat such a long time employee better. But yes, at least only 1 day in will help! Love the idea of the early Christmas planning videos. Smart! And love your pics and funny as always. Have a blessed week! xoxo

  5. Hope you get to keep the work hours you like. I love Diane in Denmark, might need to go check that series out. Hope you have a great week!