Monday 25 March 2024

Happy Homemaker 2024-03-25

Good morning and Happy Rudolph day!

My eyes seem to FINALLY be better, but the spot in my left eye I will have to learn to live with, it is what it is.

Grandchildren:  Anne-E was coughing up a storm on Thursday so she came here instead of daycare and Xavier wanted to come too (he was coughing a little), so grandpa took care of them (I made a few mustard cataplasm for her).  They spent the day and evening here.  Friday ds kept Anne-E home with him because she was still coughing.

Weekend was quiet.  Anne-E and Xavier were doing better, they had a children's bday party for supper Friday and went to inside water slides on Sunday were they met dd, sil and his children.  We did not see any of them over the weekend.  

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The Weather

Warming up a little, last week was COLD with WINDS, lots of winds.  Today is 2C and sunny
but windy again.
Mostly sunny
Light rain
Mostly cloudy

Looking around the house
Easter decor is up (grandkids 'helped' me last Thursday ;) ).  Everything has been picked up over
the weekend

Thinking and pondering
Easter is brunch on dh's side of the family as previously stated.  However, talked to dsis last night and they will be coming (with parents) probably Friday and Saturday... have some stuff in freezer or dh was talking of making some chicken pot pie. DD has not said yet if they are coming or not.

Tv this week
Regular programs are ending this week or the next... so will have alot more time on my hands
Le bon docteur
Discussions avec mes parents
Les bracelets rouges (saison 3)
L'oeil du cyclone
La voix (saison 10)
5e rang (dernière saison)
When calls the heart
Yellowstone  Season seems over for now
MasterChef Québec (1st season)
5 gars pour moi
BB Québec (season 4)
Aréna  Stopped watching that program - not very interesting
Le bonheur (just for dh, not watching this)
La candidate  stopped watching that program, have enough to watch and won't be coming back for another season
L'amour est dans le pré
Temps de chien

.. and a few more

Listening to or interesting blog I saw this week

Things on the menu this week
No idea, dh will take care of this

On my reading pile
Le restaurant des recettes oubliées  - Hisashi Kashiwai

On my to-do list

Over the weekend
  • Vac basement
  • Vac main floor
  • Dust main floor
  • Dust 2 basement bedrooms
  • Wash main bathroom
  • Wash basement bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Post here - DONE
  • Prep for in-town work tomorrow
  • Wash basement bedding
  • Dust basement LR

  • Nothing 
Upcoming this week
Tuesday - in-town work
Friday - sil, bil and parents
Sunday - Easter brunch

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 

Would like to paint and maybe plan some Christmas in July blogposts

From the camera:

Funny of the week:


  1. OH MY I LOVE your funny and oh so true!!!! I also LOVE your "No idea, dh will take care of this" for a menu - sure wish I could do that here. He'll do anything ask EXCEPT cook! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Happy new week Lucie! I'm going to pray for a miracle and your eye things resolve COMPLETELY! ;) 🙏🏻💕 I hope the kiddos feel better soon. We got snow piling here like crazy! So much for early Spring. Love your funny - TRUTH! 😁 Blessings to you

  3. Glad your eyes are doing better, hope they continue to heal completely. Not sure I'd want my dh completely in charge of the menu but how nice to have one less thing to worry about. Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Easter this weekend!