Monday, 5 June 2023

Happy Homemaker 2023-06-05

Good morning

Wednesday was dh's 67th birthday so he picked up grandkids for supper and they spent the night.  DH drove them to daycare next morning.

Thursday was to be a picnic with grandkids, ds & ddil but storms during the day so we went to McD's and followed it up by going to see ds play baseball.  It was a nice evening (no rain in the evening).

Friday was a day off for me (had worked on Monday which is usually my day off), did not even go to see emails, I need a break.  Did housechores and rested.

Saturday was a local race.  DH was working as volonteer.  I did housechores then cheered the runners outside when they passed - had my bluetooth speaker out with 'we are the champions' playing.  Then I went to the center of our town to see the festivities.  DDIL came with grandkids so they could play in the airblown games.  They came back here for lunch and left for their nap at home.  She was going to see her stepmom with them for supper, but her stepmom's boyfriend had a scooter? (trotinette) accident and broke his shoulder, they had to call ambulance as he passed out.  We had supper here and dh wanted to go out (I didn't but I know he needs to go out sometimes as he is retired), so we were debating what to do when ds called (he had a golf tournament in the afternoon, followed by supper & evening), he had a spare ticket for supper... so dh went to that and we were both happy ;)

Sunday was a more relaxed day, some picking up and then a nap in the afternoon.  We had sooo much North wind during the weekend.. it was fall-like temperatures.

Today I might go look at work emails (will deduct my time from tomorrow), and I'd like to craft a little.  

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The weather

Should be around 17-18-19C all week, so it will depend on the winds if it's nice or cold.

Looking around the house
Main floor is looking good.  

Thinking and pondering
About summer vacations.. our plans have gone on the wayside, so need to figure out something

Tv this week
Local Survivor

Listening to or interesting blog I saw this week

Things on the menu this week
No idea

On my reading pile
Les années de plomb by Jean-Pierre Charland.

On my to-do list

Over the weekend
  • Laundry
  • Dusted and swept all main floor
  • Went up in the attic and brought back down a few Rubbermaid totes with puzzles for the grandkids and stuff to be sent to thriftstore
  • Went through my too-tight clothes in dd's old basement room drawers and closet
  • Set up the Monash application on my phone for Fodmaps
  • Paid cellphone bill
  • Washed main bathroom
  • Deep-cleaned bathroom armoire
  • Called dentist ... pffff... will be in October only
  • Post here - DONE
  • Telework - 45 minutes - DONE
  • 30 min. walk - DONE
  • 20 min. stretching - DONE (and NO I am not good at doing this everyday since covid nor the walk)

  • 1 baby pj
  • 4 pairs of jeans (too small)
  • 2 pairs of pants (too small)
  • 1 pj
  • 2 bras
  • 1 underwear
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Expired medication
  • 6 big boxes that used to have toys (dh keeps boxes for years!)
  • 1 bib
  • 2 folding chairs with bags (they were dd's but in storage here, she took them back with her last week)
  • DH's old skates
  • 20 milk bottles (had a whole box up in the attic!)
  • 1 lunch bag
  • 1 diaper bag
  • 2 baby spoons
  • 2 baby plates
  • 4 baseball caps
  • 4 pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 blouse
  • 1 belt
Upcoming this week

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 

ICAD combined with sketch-a-day

My simple pleasure

Staying home

Lesson learned in the past week or good to know

Fun fact:
    • The average tongue is about three inches long.

From the camera:

Just love this picture of Xavier jumping in the air

Funny of the week


  1. Happy belated to your Hubby! It sure looks like the kiddos had fun on those blow ups. Great capture of Xavier!! So cute. ;) I have so been there asking for inner peace. Lol Great funny as always. Blessings on your week Lucie! xo

  2. Sounds like DH had a wonderful birthday! I have really been slacking off on my exercises lately and need to hold myself more accountable.

  3. Thank you for the this nice blog post! I really liked reading it. Xavier jumping is so cool! Nice photo.

  4. I also enjoy my visits, but I must say, upon seeing the many wildfires on the news as your poor country is enduring I can only pray that you are in a safe area and the conditions are not hazardous to your breathing!!!

  5. Great pictures, I love the jumping one as well (and the Spiderman hat!) Happy belated birthday to your husband. Sounds like you had a good but busy week last week. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  6. We have had very autumn-ish weather here as well. I will be happy when things get a bit warmer and I can spend more time out of doors.

  7. Happy BELATED birthday to your hubby! Sounds like you've been super busy around there with "spring" cleaning and decluttering. Love the idea of fall weather again even though it's barely summer here. Sorry to hear about all the horrible air quality warnings - stay safe. Have a GREAT rest of the week.