Monday, 5 April 2021

Happy Homemaker 2021-04-05

Good morning!

We are now back to full confinement except essential services for 10 days.  Cases are going up and there are many cases in our small town now.

Took off 2 half-days last week to babysit my granson while my daughter-in-law had medical appointments (they can not bring their children with them because of covid so have to find babysitters).  Talking about babysitter, ... her daycare has been closed for a month and they received a message that it'll be closed until at least april 27th (babysitter's husband died last month after battly cancer for a long, long time).  DDIL had some worrisome news for her pregnancy so she has to have more doctor's appointments.  For now baby is good at 6,5 lbs but she might have to come out earlier than predicted.

So grandson spent most of the long Easter weekend with us.  he slept over twice. 

My son's birthday is April 7th so we ordered thai on Sunday night for Eater and his bday.  Gave him some money and socks (can't go out shopping!).

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .

The weather (in celsius).
Mostly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Mostly sunny
Finally some milder weather

On my mind
Daughter-in-law and baby coming.  She needs to rest but no babysitter and we are all working, will try to give a few more days ... thinking my vacation days might be spent helping out.
My youngest brother spent 1 night at the hospital last week - urinary problems, he will have to see a specialist because they can't figure out why he had a blockage.

On the breakfast plate
2 raisin-cinnamon toasts with a glass of oat milk

On my reading pile
La vie a bout de bras t1 by Claude Coulombe

On my tv
Toute la vie
District 31
Big brother celebrities (local big brother)
Star Académie
Pennyworth (Season 1)
Les Beaux Malaises
5e rang

Interesting youtube vlog I saw this week

On the menu this week
Lundi - Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce
Mardi-  Bechamel sauce with hardboiled eggs and vols-aux-vents
Mercredi - TBD
Jeudi -   Grilled cheese
Friday - TBD

From the camera:
Sketchbook revival mini-tutorial on pears

Looking around the house
Spring-work outside will have to be started soon because I have a feeling I will be very, very busy when the 2nd baby comes around

On my to-do list 

Over the weekend
  • Washed main bathroom 
  • Vaccumed basement
  • Laundry

  • Post here - DONE
  • Menu-plan - DONE
  • Morning routine - this has not been done AT ALL last week - did not gone done this morning either
  • Make spaghetti sauce in the crockpot - started
  • Put up more screen windows - DONE
  • Vac main floor
  • More laundry
  • Take down Easter and put up spring
  • Probably grandson will come for a few hours
  • Post mil's oven for sale on Marketplace - DONE
To relax this week or In my crafting basket 
Knit, read outside in the sun, check out Pinterest to find a diy ornament for next Christmas for my friends

Quote of the week 


  1. So sorry to hear your DIL is having issues, I will keep her and the baby in my prayers. Also sorry to hear you're back in confinement. I pray things get better soon! Laughing at your funny quote! I hope you have a great week!

  2. Hi Sweetie!
    I'm sorry to hear there's complications with your DIL. I pray that all will work out and she can rest soon. What a bummer about cases going back up there. Ugh!! I can't wait until this virus is a thing of the past! I always giggle out loud at your inspiration. Really love this one! Lol Blessings. xo

  3. So sorry to hear about the complications with your DIL, prayers for a good health for them both. And I'm also sorry to hear you're back in the lockdown phase. Hang in there! Great tip, I should test it out some time. Hope your week goes well.

  4. Hahaha, great quote! Hope your DDIL can get the rest she needs for her pregnancy to continue to be healthy for her and the baby. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to move in and out of lockdowns. It must be difficult to make long term plans.