Monday, 4 January 2021

Happy Homemaker 2021-01-04

Happy New Year 2021 - wishing everyone a great 2021 (won't be hard to beat 2020!), lots of health and happiness.

My son, daughter-in-law, grandson and dog arrived on the 31st for NY's EVE.  We had beef burgundy for supper with apple pie.  We did not make it to midnight (11:15!).  we watched a few end of year shows and played a game of Tocs.

On the 1st my daughter arrived late afternoon.  We had a small buffet for supper and watched a few humorist shows.  We were in bed by 9:30 and the kids by 10:00.  Grandson had a bit of fever during the night (his bassinette is in our bedroom), so I gave him so tylenol and brought him to bed with us... he tossed and turned alot so our night was not very restful.

Jan. 2nd my son's family left before lunch and my daughter in the afternoon.  Both their dryers are not working so they had brought some laundry with them.  I took down the Christmas tree and what was left of Christmas and put everything away.  Vac'd main floor and mopped it.

Jan 3rd was vaccuming basement, put the fairy lights in another area so that they can stay up all year, MY laundry, wash main bathroom, made a long to-do list for the upcoming months, picked up a few groceries on our way to pick up pizza for supper, my husband baked the muffins and then installed another shelf in my guest-bedroom closet so I deep-cleaned it and reorganized alot of crafts in there.  I will have to find another spot for Christmas gifts though.  

Found my word of the year - BUILD (build stronger relationships, spirituality, creativeness and most of all REBUILD my health).

2021 -objectives / goals / things to learn or do.  While in teletravail work on building, building, building.

  • Spanish
  • Auto-hypnosis
  • Research Ayurveda
  • Accupressure
  • Learn how to make soap
  • Follow a course on essential oils
  • learn to make Kombucha
  • Cohérence Cardiaque
  • Tai-chi 
  • Oil-pulling
  • Watch a variety of health webinars on youtube
  • Stomach massage with heating pad afterwards
  • Do self-massage
  • Exercise
  • Declutter (home, journals, pics)
  • Do a morning routine
  • Do a nightime routine
  • Less sugar
  • Less drama
  • Less social media
  • More listening
  • More patience
  • Write in my happiness journal and in my tidbits journal
  • Sketching regularly
  • Painting every 2 weeks
  • Try a 30-day challenge
So this week's morning routine will be (the 1st day of the rest of my life ;) )

Bedtime routine
  • Try to keep room cool (I want it cold with my hot flashes but my husband finds it too cold!)
  • Take a bath
  • Floss and brush teeth
  • Apply face and hand cream
  • Read for a few minutes to relax

Hummm... thinking I should've made seperate posts for this, ah well...

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .

The weather (in celsius)
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy

A very mild week ahead for January will try to go out a few times even if just for a few minutes.

On my mind
2021!  Goals, objectives, ... everything!

On the breakfast plate
2 oat bread toasts with almond milk (and 1 tablespoon collagen)

On my reading pile
The memory man by David Baldacci

On my tv
Le résident (season 2)
Christmas movies

On the menu this week
Lundi -  Sheppard's pie
Mardi-  Chicken pot pie
Mercredi - Quiche with spinach and ham
Jeudi -   Grilled cheese
Friday - ?

From the camera:
Buffet on NY's day

Looking around the house
Looking pretty good as the last 2 days were spent picking up and cleaning.  I do have more to do but it's ok.

On my to-do list 

  • Morning routine - DONE 
  • Post here - DONE
  • Put leftovers in freezer
  • Make sheppard's pie for supper and probably hamburger patties with the rest of the ground beef
  • Do a little more decluttering in the craft closet
  • Look up ideas for 'Less sugar breakfasts'
  • Review of 2020 Christmas
  • Pay bills
  • A little téléwork 
  • Call pharmacy to prep RX so my husband can pick them up on his way home
  • Paint cosmic cat by Jesse Robertson on FB-live (up for 7 days free)
  • Pull out the 2021 declutter calendar

In my crafting basket
Knitted socks

Quote of the week 


  1. Great quote of the week. You have a very ambitious plan for 2021, I look forward to reading about your accomplishments! Loved the photos of you guys with your grandson.

  2. I LOVE all the pictures! You've already accomplished so much for January, but I also LOVE your word build and the list for 2021. I too have HIGH HOPES for 2021! Have a GREAT week.

  3. What a great word for 2021! And that list, I know you'll do many if not all of the goals you've set out for the year. I, too, need to look up less sugar breakfast. While I love my flip yogurt on work days, it isn't exactly low in sugar. Hope you have a great week and a fantastic 2021!

  4. Hello dear Friend and Happy New Year! It looks like you had a wonderfully festive time. I love that you've hit the ground running on your new year's goals!! That is awesome! I am working on mine as well. Haven't been able to get myself to take down the decorations yet, though. They make me too happy Lol
    Love your inspiration as always. Blessings that this new year is so good to you and your family. 🙏 😊