Monday, 9 November 2020

Happy Homemaker 2020-11-09

Good morning!  

A bit late here today as my husband is home (armistice day).  My usual routine is thrown off.

We got to know the gender of our next grand-baby... a girl!! In May :)

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .

The weather (in celsius)
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy

How I am feeling this morning
Overwhelmed with all I have to do!  Might as well start, every little bit counts.

On my mind
Christmas, the good and the covid-bad
Hoping we get the new kitchen cabinet soon so that I can get all the house back in order.  I still have a few more deep -cleaning spaces that need to be done before Christmas.
Would like to start wrapping gifts soon and see what is missing.

On the breakfast plate
2 oat bread peanut-butter toasts and almond milk

On my reading pile
Jackie Kennedy by Bertrand Stabler-Myer ..... not the best biography of hers.

On my tv

Le résident (season 2)
C'est pour ça que je t'aime
Cardinal (season 2)
Esprits criminels (season 12)
5e rang (season 3)
District 31
Occupation double
Brave new world (season 1)

Christmas movies have started since Saturday, recording those I haven't seen yet.

On the menu this week
Lundi - Bechamel sauce with hard-boiled eggs and vols au vents 
Mardi-  Chicken pot pie (from freezer)
Mercredi - Breakfast for supper
Jeudi -   ?Grilled cheese
Friday - ?

From the camera
Xavier is now 11 months old - he now has 6 teeth

Looking around the house
Would like to clear the space so I can start decorating.  Have started in my  office, Christmas lights are on and a Christmas quilt on the couch.  

On my to-do list  
Over the weekend
  • Worked on my small fox painting on Saturday afternoon.
  • Washed main bathroom
  • Baked pumpkin/chocolate cookies
  • Washed top cabinets in kitchen (and all dishes!) and got rid of a few things.
  • Post here - DONE
  • Make bed, bath, breakfast, brush teeth - DONE
  • Menu plan - 
  • Laundry - working on that
  • Vacc main floor - DONE
  • Bottom kitchen cabinets
  • Hopefully go to town to get a new tv cabinet so I can put back the kitchen table  in the kitchen! - NOPE will not happen today
In my crafting basket
Work on knitted socks
Start a crochet scarf
Painting of fox - will finish it today - MAYBE

Quote of the week 


  1. Your menu looks yummy and I love the gratitude scavenger hunt!

  2. I have started Christmas movies too, it's that time. I was wondering why everyone was decorating and putting trees up as well, but now I am thinking, yeah, I think it's time to just go straight to Christmas hahaha

    Xavier is soooooooo adorable, those beautiful eyes. Wow!

    Hope you have a blessed week!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one planning on decorating for Christmas in November. With all that 2020 has given us I really just need the cheer of Christmas lights and snowmen.

    Xavier is adorable!

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Adorable pictures of Xavier and congratulations on the next one being a girl - so fun! I LOVE your inspiration - perfect for those of us in the US as Thanksgiving approaches and our thoughts turn to gratitude. I hope you get everything done you'd like and have a GREAT week.

  5. Your grandson is getting so big! And how exciting to be expecting a granddaughter! Absolutely love the idea of a gratitude scavenger hunt. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Love the scavenger hunt. Your grandson is such a cutie! He has an adventurous gleam in his eye. Congrats on the new granddaughter coming in May!

  7. A grand-daughter, how wonderful!! A gratitude scavenger hunt is a great idea.

  8. Oh my gosh, you must be SO excited!! A girl!! 💗 And Xavier getting so big (he's beyond adorable) will be so fun to have one of each grandbaby. Your inspiration is spot on. I just love that! I think gratitude helps to put life in perspective. Blessings on the rest of your week. xoxo