Thursday, 12 July 2018

Christmas in July 2018 day 12 / Noël en juillet 2018 jour 12

CIJ day 12 / jour 12

Pick 3 New Year’s resolutions.  Describe how you picked them and how you will accomplish them.

I usually pick my resolutions (or as I call them = goals) to better myself and my environment.

·         Exercise – at least 5 days a week of being active
I go to the gym at my work place 2 to 3 mornings a week.  I get to work at 6:00 am and do some elliptical and some treadmill – just enough to not hurt anywhere.  I also add 1 class either at noon or after work – not cardio – more stretching, yoga type.  I try to do at least 2X yoga at home from youtube.
I’d like to add soft stretching or bedtime yoga to that routine

·         Nutrition:  Keep on learning and trying to figure out the foods that I should avoid for my gut problems (Crohn’s disease + Irritable bowel syndrome).  I should also meet with a new nutritionist (did not work out with the last one).
·         Water intake!  I am very bad at this.  Here’s how to achieve that goal:
o   1 glass of water in the morning
o   1 glass of water before lunch
o   1 tea (very light green tea) in the afternoon
o   1 glass of water before supper
o   1 tea in the evening
Here’s how to calculate your water intake:
Multiply by 2/3: Next you want to multiple your weight by 2/3 (or 67%) to determine how much water to drink daily. For example, if you weighed 175 pounds you would multiple that by 2/3 and learn you should be drinking about 117 ounces of water every day.

These were just examples of the kind of list I make.  Every year I write a list of goals for the upcoming year and how I will work towards achieving them.  My subdivisions are: health, learning, creativity, relationships, etc…

I also found this (10 areas of your life and what to do to improve these by Hal Elrod – magical mornings)


  1. I prefer calling them goals also and try to plan and post a monthly list that will move me toward my goals for the year.