Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween Boobash 2011 résumé

Pictures will follow in another post.

The 4th annual Halloween Boobash was on Friday, october 28th 2011. Friends : Alain R+ Johanne, Alain F + Nat, Denis + Nat, Serge + Kathleen & us.

I was dressed up as a doctor and JC as Indiana Jones.

Cheeseball + crackers
Chili + tostitos scoops + sour cream
Veggies + dip (Johanne)
Cheese plate (Joanne brought 1 cheese to add to plate)
Chips + chocolate (Nat F)
Mini egg-rolls + flaky pastries (Nathalie-Anne)
Shrimps in beer batter + brie&figs (Kathleen)
Deviled eggs
Thumbprint cookies
Chocolate covered cookies (store-bought)
Cocktail sausages
Pasta Salad

Guests arrived around 8 :00 and left at 1 :30 am.
Lots of laughter, eating, chatting, dancing. We had a really great time.
Great music… from Serge,s ipod 

Note to self : If I prep all this food do not ask people to bring any potluck dishes. We would’ve had enough with what I had.

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  1. Your menu sounds so good. Glad everyone had a good time.