Sunday, 24 October 2010

Halloween fun - day 24

Q- What do you call a little monster's parents?
A - Mummy and deady.

Recipe -Ghostly brownies

Make up a batch of your favorite brownie recipe and leave to cool. Cut into squares or rectangles.
Cut a ghostly shape out of a piece of paper and use it as a template, laying it over each brownie as you sprinkle it gently with icing sugar (confectioner's sugar). Use silver ball cake decorations for eyes, or use the end of a chopstick, dampened, to take the icing sugar away where you want the eyes to be.
Simple, quick and spooky fun to eat!

Costumes - No-sew sweatsuit costume ideas

Using a hooded sweat suit as a base for a no-sew costume provides you with almost unlimited options.
To start with, you will need a sweat suit with a hood. A matching set of sweats isn’t always necessary, and in fact some costumes look best with different colored tops and bottoms. There are also some costumes that would look best without a hood.
All of the costumes can be made without machine sewing, however, if you would like the costume to be more permanent they can be sewn. Other non-permanent alternatives for constructing the costumes include white school glue (it washes out in the laundry!), sticky backed Velcro, hand basting and safety pins. Choose a method that will hold the costume secure enough for your child.
-black hooded sweat suit
-white medium pile fake fur
- black cotton lining fabric (broadcloth works well and is inexpensive).
Keep in mind the markings of a skunk when creating this costume! Cut an elongated oval piece of white fur for the white tummy spot and attach to the chest area on the front of the sweat suit. Next create the long stripe that runs from between the skunks ears to the tip of its tail. It the process of doing this you will create a tail that will swing loose from the costume. Measure from the front edge of the sweat suit tops hood down to the bottom back edge of the top (it is easiest to do this while the child is wearing the top).Then measure from the bottom edge of the top, to approximately your child’s knees (or where ever you would like the bottom of the tail to reach). Now take your measurements and cut a long piece of fur that is tapered to a point at the top and widens out to a curved bottom, like an elongated tear drop. The pointed end is the top, and attaches to the hood. Secure the tail to the sweat suit, leaving the remainder of the tail to swing free. Cut a piece of black lining fabric for the part of the tail that extends beyond the sweat suit top and attach. Then cut half circles (two each) of black lining fabric and fur for ears and attach the two pieces wrong sides together (so the right sides are showing). These are the skunk’s ears, and should be attached to the hood on either side of the back stripe. Now you have an adorable little skunk!
I made a dog costume for my child one year... it was not Halloween but he came home one day saying he had to dress as a dog the NEXT day!! I used a sweatsuit, glue gun and leftover fabric to make the spots.
You will need a white hooded sweat suit, black felt, a small amount of fiber fill, and old dog collar (if it still has tags that’s an added bonus!). Cut small random semi-circular spots out of the black felt and apply all over the sweat suit. Cut out 2 rounded triangular shapes for the ears and apply in an appropriate position on the hood of the sweat suit. Next cut a long rectangle piece of felt for the tail. Measure from the waist band of your child’s pants to where you would like the tail to extend. Use this as the length measurement for the tail, and cut it about 3 inches wide. Fold the piece of felt in half length wise and secure. Stuff with fiber fill and close the ends of the tail. Attach the tail to the waist band of your child’s pants. When your child is in costume you can add the dog collar and face paint to complete the effect!
Cows come in a variety of colors and breeds, but we’re going to stick to the traditional black and white Holstein for this example. You will need a white hooded sweat suit, black felt, tan felt, and fiber fill. Cut large rounded spots out of the black felt and attach to the sweat suit. Cut out two oval shaped pieces of black felt for the ears, and secure in place. Out of the tan felt, cut four cornucopia shaped pieces for the cow’s horns. Secure two pieces together, and stuff with fiber fill. Attach horns right behind the ears on the hood. To make the tail, cut a long rectangular piece of black felt about 2 inches wide and long enough to reach from your child’s waist to their knees (or longer if you choose). Attach one end to the waist band of the sweat suit pants. Cut the bottom of the tail into fringe pieces about 3 inches long to create the tuft on the end of the tail. You can add a collar with a small cow bell and face paint to enhance the costume.
Horses come in many colors, and the possibilities for a unicorn are endless! So, choose a sweat suit that pleases your little equine lover! You will need a sweat suit, yarn, and matching felt. For the horses mane wind pieces of yarn around a book or other stiff object that will create the length you want for the mane. Wrap the yarn around the book several times, and then tie a piece of yarn securely around the wound hank at one point. Slip the hank of yarn off the book, and cut the loop of yarn opposite where it is tied. Secure the hank of mane to the front edge of the sweat suit hood at the point where it is tied. Repeat this process down the center of the hood until a full mane has been formed. Be sure to apply some of the mane so that it will fall forward from the edge of the hood to create the horse’s forelock! Cut 2 triangles with rounded edges out of felt for the ears. Secure to the hood on either side of the mane. If you are making a unicorn, cut 2 pieces of a long triangular shaped horn. Secure the edges of the horn and stuff with fiber fill. Secure to the hood an inch or so back from the front edge in the middle of the mane. Create the tail by wrapping yarn around a long object (such as the back of a chair) until a nice thick tail has been formed. Tie the tail hank, and then cut the yarn loops opposite of the tie point. Secure the tail at the tie point to the waist band of the sweat suit pants.


  1. LOL love the brownies. I had to do a double-take.

  2. I might just try those brownies for the Boobash. Seem simple enough