Monday 4 December 2023

Happy Homemaker 2023-12-04

Welcome to December 2023!

I'm on my 3rd round of covid, sigh.   I had a covid vacine & flu shot scheduled this week so will cancel both.  Will talk to boss so maybe I get to stay home this week instead of going in town?  I did! I'm staying home all week - telework

So was a week of sneezing, runny eyes and headache.  Grandkids came by on Thursday (their mom had covid too so did not matter and I did not know I had covid at the time thought it was just a cold).

Ordered a few things this week, gifts, winter coat, boots (hoping all fits).

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The Weather

Nights & days will be getting colder... -14, -15 for nights and -7 or -8 for the days. 
Will get my thick winter coat out.

Looking around the house
Full Christmas mode is on.  I'm mostly ready

Thinking and pondering
Working on my word of the year for 2024... have some ideas.  Also need to work on my goals for 2024

Tv this week
Alertes,  Discussions avec mes parents, Le bon docteur, Entre deux draps, Indéfendable, Stats, Les moments parfaits, Nurses, Yellowstone, Christmas movies and When Calls the Heart

Listening to or interesting blog I saw this week

Things on the menu this week
From the freezer.  Went to see what's in there and there is way too much.  Chicken tournedos and soups are on the menu

On my reading pile
Chocolat chaud et chat-pin de Noël - Émilie Chevalier Morreux - a Christmas chick-lit

On my to-do list

Over the weekend
  • Laundry
  • A nice hearty soup in the crockpot, will have for a few nights this week
  • EPQ (finance company) update... was procrastinating on that one
  • Decluttering children's toys, books, etc...
  • Wrapping the gifts I have
  • Ordering online
  • Baking fudge, thumbpring cookies, skors squares
  • Cooking ham and mincing it for Christmas sandwiches
  • Lots of dishes to handwash!
  • Renew magazine subscription
  • Cancel flu & covid vaccine
  • Bank stuff
  • Post here - DONE
  • Wash main bathroom
  • Vac main floor
  • Watch a few webinairs? declutter emails? no idea.. or just relax and watch some Christmas movies
  • 3 stuffed toys
  • 1 doll
  • 1 pj bottom
  • 1 cup
  • 10 children's books (will be given back to the free library)
  • 1 kid's bracelet
  • 2 fabric pouches
  • 1 sesame street krank radio
  • 6 dvds - Walking dead series 1 to 6 (will be given to dniece)
Upcoming this week
Not much as I still have the virus

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 

Christmas movies  and knitting

My simple pleasure
Getting stuff out of the house

From the camera:

Funny of the week:


  1. There is so much sickness going around. I hope you are able to relax this week and feel better very soon.

  2. Oh No ! Take care. Everyone here is battling RSP . This crazy weather makes everyone sick. We are slowly getting ready for Christmas. I always do One Word too. I'm working on my word.

  3. I'm so sorry Covid found you again! It's been going around in this area a bit as well. Hope you are feeling much better very soon. And your funny, I think I'd be asking for my passwords as well, LOL. Have a happy (and healthy!) week!

  4. I did more decluttering (and not keeping track) this week! I have a box to go to the thrift store! What kind of fudge are you making? My mom used to make the best peanut butter fudge! Have a great week!

    1. The recipe on the back of the carnation can for the fudge, easy and good.

  5. Hello dear Lucie! Sorry you're battling covid again - ugh!! I hope you feel better soon. I hope you get downtime and rest and don't work too hard. Your funny so made me laugh. I have to write mine all down so I have a place to look them up as needed 😂

    1. I just can't remember the passwords and some are so complicated to set!

  6. I am sorry you have wicked covid and after getting the vax! Just doesn’t seem right! But I am so especially sorry you have such a work load even at home while ill ! I understand … the holidays do put pressure on. We returned from a two week visit with our daughter in Boston and came home to a house that needed much cleaning and I’m still trying to get the decorations up! I have small trees around the house and think I will be satisfied with that! Neither hubs not so are into dragging out Mr. Big. But then I am feeling pressure to put more decor up outside to keep up with the neighbors who are going all out this year! Oh well Tis the season. But we mustn’t lose sight on the reason for the season.. our precious Lord and Savior! Blessings to you dear friend I hope you are feeling better each day and have a lovely Christmas!

    1. Ouch a trip at this time of the year... oh my the pressure when you get back - I do understand. Have a great week

  7. I am glad the above printed after all. I wrote that comment.. But I dint quite understand why my name didn't come up. and now it does.. OH well all's well that ends well! Have a lovely week! Hope you start to feel much better very soon!!! Schotzy

  8. I'm so late again this week as we are heading into yet another week. I'm so sorry you were struck with COVID again - hope you're feeling better now.