Monday, 13 March 2023

Happy Homemaker 2023-03-13

Good morning

Still in the news daily for our big computer transformation at work but at least govt has extended permits and immatriculation so less people waiting in line.

We had grandkids for supper on Thursday and drove them home afterwards.  

Saturday we thought of going to dd's but it was her boyfriend's birthday this week and they already had plans with friends.  We then called my parents and thought we might meet at dad's cousin's sugarshack but dad says it's still too early for the maple sap to flow (probably this upcoming week), so we stayed home.  DS called and asked if we had plans, we did not, so they arrived with grandkids around 3:00 and left Sunday around 9:00 for swimming lessons.  Anne-E had a slight fever, probably cause by more teething.  DS and ddil had a party saturday night not far from here and they took Xavier until 7:00, then dh picked him up and brought him back here.  They all slept over.

Sunday, dh went to ds's house to shovel, put away Christmas decorations and fix guard rail.  I did a few housechores and in the afternoon it was nice and sunny so we took a walk and then sat in the sun on the patio.

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The weather (in celsius)

Mostly cloudy
Rain and snow

Looking around the house
Floors could use a wash and I have luggage all over the guest bedroom but it'll all get put away and done when we come back from our trip.  

Thinking and pondering
We are leaving the 18th to go to my parent's house and leaving the 19th for a 7-day all-inclusive vacation to Dominican Republic - 8 of us.  Which means I will not post here next Monday and probably not the one after that as we will just have arrived.

Our weekends are starting to fill up
  • April 1st, surprise bday party for my 30 year old sun (organized by ddil & friends)
  • April 2nd, birthday brunch for nephew 
  • April 14, 15 we are babysitting as ddil booked a weekend with ds
  • 21, 22, 23 we are invited to one of our hockey friend's house (6 couples).  we used to rent a cottage once a year before pandemia.  It's from Friday night to Sunday morning, just like we used to do.
Started Phase 2 of Fodmap protocol on Saturday night.  Yikes, my stomach hurt during the night and Sunday morning.  So I need to take 3 days off before retesting the 1st food category.

Lots of birthdays coming up, I need to sit down and see about buying gifts.

Easter plans??

Best tv show this week

Les moments parfaits.
Getting tired of all the dramas we have on tv, rapes, murders, child molestors.  I think I'm in need of good hygge programs.

Listening to or interesting blog I saw this week
Had a 5-day watercolor flower tutorial - did not turn out very good for me. Not sure she was the right teacher for me.

Things on the menu this week
We need to empty fridge and buy as we go.  don't want anything left in there for the week we will be gone.

On my reading pile
Les filles de la Côte  - Fern Britton

On my to-do list
Over the weekend
  • Wash main bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Vac main floor
  • Started deleting videos and photos on the phone.  Icloud is full - I need to put it all on hard-drive.
  • Printed out what I need for fodmap tests
  • Post here - DONE
  • Prep for in-town work on Tuesday
  • Start deep-cleaning kitchenette
  • ...


Upcoming this week
  • Pick up missing items for trip at the pharmacy
  • In-town work on Tuesday
  • Thursday dh gets oil changed in truck
  • Saturday leave for my parent's house

To relax this week or In my crafting basket 

To relax:
  • Make lists for all I've been pondering about
Craft basket:
  • Knit socks

My simple pleasure

Being alone in the house and relaxing.
A walk in the sun

Lesson learned in the past week or good to know

Time flies by so fast!

From the camera:

Saying of the week


  1. Stay warm. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Hi Lucie! Happy to hear it might be a bit better at work. And so excited for your trip!! Have the best time. ;) I'm with you, that there's too many dark crime shows and I don't watch any of them. Love the pics of all the Sweeties! 😍 Blessings xo

  3. WOW! Have an amazing time in the Domican Republic! That sounds incredible. Your April look busy already - relax and have a fun time on your vacation so you are ready to go again!

  4. Hope your work continues to improve. Enjoy your trip, hope you have safe travels and take lots of pictures!