Monday, 23 May 2022

Happy Homemaker 2022-05-23

Good morning friends!

Recap of last week:

2 days of telework and 2 days at the office.  I had worked my Monday so had Friday off, making for a long weekend as today is a national holiday.  Thursday night dh picked up grandkids at daycare and they slept over.  We drove them back to daycare on Friday morning.

Friday was regular housechores and groceries.  Saturday lots of thunderstorms, VERY humid and wind. Saturday more 'extra' housechores and planning a few things to sell (have gotten rid of alot during the year so not too many things) as there will be a town garage sale next weekend (first time) and spent the evening at dh's cousin house.  Got home past midnight so Sunday feeling sleepy, headache, slow day.  DD came by for a few and grandkids slept over as parents are playing golf today and they will pick them up afterwards.

DD wants to buy a blind for her bedroom so dh will go take the measures and when she has it he will install it.  

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The weather (in celsius)
Partly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
Partly cloudy

On my mind
Planning our vacations.. had decided for Maine 1st week of August but dh wants to stay not far this summer.   Been looking that up with sis yesterday. However have plans for Fall and next winter.
Christmas in July blogposts to plan
So much to do....

On the breakfast plate
Oat toasts and oat milk

On my reading pile

La villa des petits bonheurs by ucy Diamond

On my tv
Absentia (2e saison)
La pecheresse (saison 3)
New Amsterdam
Movies from Lifetime channel

Interesting youtube vlog I saw this week

Just a little music

On the menu this week
Something with chicken as I cooked a whole chicken this weekend, something with bacon, something with eggs...

From the camera:
Picture form the web... lilac season will be here soon!

Looking around the house
Basement needs cleaning up soon.. will clear things out after the small garage sale

On my to-do list

This weekend
  • Vac main floor
  • Mop floors
  • Laundry
  • Wash main bathroom
  • Groceries
  • Dust all main floor
  • Deep-clean stairwell
  • Deep-clean LR couches
  • Prep for a small garage sale
  • Pay cable
  • Print a few pictures of the grandkids to hang in the kitchen
  • Post here - DONE
  • Grandkids are here
  • Next week will list whatever got taken out of the house at the garage sale or dumped at the thrift store afterwards
To relax this week or In my crafting basket 
Sketch giraffe
Work on a pair of knit socks
CIJ blogposts to plan

Quote of the week


  1. Would LOVE to know more about the Christmas in July posts. Are you doing them in conjunction with others? I hope your vacation plans come together the way you would like. I know I'm dreading leaving this vacation behind :D

    1. I'm on my own for the CIJ blogposts but I will try to find others who are also posting and will list them. We finally rented a cabin from august 1st to 4th with my sister, brother-in-law and parents. the rest of the vacations will be spent around home

  2. Fuel prices here are making vacationing nearby a necessity. Have always wanted to go to Maine, hope you get a chance again sometime. So strange that your lilac season hasn't started and ours has pretty much finished. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Yes we will not go too far with gas prices but am hoping they will not always stay so high! next week will be full bloom for the lilacs.

  3. Hello Lucie! I've always wanted to go to Maine - I think it will be a wonderful place to vacation! And I'm waiting on lilac season too! Some parts of my country have them blooming already...but it's always late here where I live.
    I love your funny - and if you think about it, it really makes sense. Lol 😆 Blessings. xo

    1. Thank you Carrie. Have a great week too (and I know you will!)