Sunday, 16 January 2022

Happy Homemaker 2022-01-17

Good morning!

Last week was busy with telework and we babysat the grandkids on Monday (daycare was closed).

Took Thursday afternoon off and we ran errands (I had a few returns to do too).  DH picked up his new glasses at Costco's .

DH babysat grandkids on Friday (daycare was closed).  Xavier stayed over Friday night and left after supper on Saturday.  

Sunday was picking up and doing lots of small things around the house.  Started this post on Sunday night.

This morning I went for a nice walk, 45 minutes before the snowstorm, was so nice outside, not too cold (like last week!).  It's -11C here right now.  It's almost 9:00 and just starting to snow.

Upcoming Wednesday daycare is closed so grandkids will be here

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .  

The weather (in celsius)
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Mostly sunny

Monday is supposed to be a snowstorm... 

On my mind
Tonight covid-curfew will be lifted. yay!  
Can't wait to be able to visit people.  we are still in our home bubble.

On the breakfast plate
Oat milk and a fresh croissant and half a mango smoothie

On my reading pile
Wintering by Katherine May 
Deux soeurs et un secret by Éliane Saint-Pierre

On my tv
Christmas movies
Absentia (2e saison)
Big Brother (local edition - saison 2)
La confrerie (saison 1)
Le bonheur (saison 1) 
Les mecs (saison 2)
Les moments parfaits (saison 2)
Léo (saison 2)
L'homme qui aimait trop (saison 1)
Les bracelets rouges (saison 1)
New Amsterdam
Portrait robot (saison 1)
Sans rendez-vous (saison 1)
Survivre a ces enfants (saison 1)
Doc (saison 1)
Le bon docteur
Une autre histoire
Star académie

Lots of new series, will see after a few episodes which one I will follow and which ones I will let go.

Interesting youtube vlog I saw this week

On the menu this week
Since my husband is not working I have not menu-planned, we will go as we feel.

From the camera:


New decor item in my home-office and also added a Cactus

My latest painting - 1st in the cloud challenge series by Jesse Robertson

Looking around the house
Quite allright!  I like looking in the living room and seeing a puzzle on the table, knitting beside that, paper and pen close by for lists, a cooking magazine and my ebook. 
Basement is a mess but my husband is working on sorting things out.

On my to-do list
Done during the weekend
  • Vac'd main floor
  • Laundry
  • Washed main bathroom
  • Send invoice for my husband's glasses to insurance
  • Finalize Christmas 2021 budget and gift list
  • Prepped this post for tomorrow
  • Got all cables in office OFF the floor with my husband's help
  • Husband installed macramé decor item in office
  • Dusted office, bedroom and hallway.

  • Exercise - DONE (took a nice long walk) 
  • Wash my bedding, air out and clean mattress - will get done Tuesday as dh has already made the bed
  • Paint
  • Knit
  • Dust living room, kitchen, kitchenette
  • Should mop too, but...will see
  • I'm sure I'll find lots of other things to do ...

  • Oil infuser with reeds (was smelling weird)
  • 3 tiered-plastic tray (bought a wood 2-tiered one last week)
To relax this week or In my crafting basket 
Work on a puzzle, read, knit, call a few friends, 

Funny of the week:


  1. Glad your Covid curfew is being lifted, gives me a bit of hope. Our numbers are crazy high around here currently though other than a return to masks at our local school district, no new restrictions. Always love seeing your paintings. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Lucie!
    I think numbers are still hitting peak here - but hopefully it will get better in the next few weeks.
    Is there anything sweeter than a little one's giggles?? Love that video!! And love your cloud painting. So pretty. You are so good at that!

    And love your funny...isn't that the truth!! Lol Although we did have some family reunions that past summer. But sure feels like I haven't been anywhere in a LONG time!

  3. What a sweet video!! And I love that macrame in your office. I can't wait to what other cloud paintings you do - this one is really really nice. I hope you're having a great week.