Monday, 13 January 2020

Happy Homemaker 2019-01-13

Good morning friends!

Last week was back to work (3 days), sure had alot of work to do ... would have taken 4 days at least, ah well, ...
Had lunch with Mrs. President at work (won a prize) with 4 co-workers of my choice.  We had a good time, wasn't too intimidating and the food was very good (Le Charbon Steakhouse in the same building as the office).
Saturday we went to Cap-de-la-Madeleine with sister-in-law and brother-in-law to help my daughter move.  Lots of IKEA furniture to set up, ugg!  She is now settled in her new appartment... some things will have to come here as she has less space (she had a 5,5 room appartment and now it's a 3,5 room).  She seems to be happy with her choice.  It rained ALOT all day.
Sunday was a snowstorm... a foot of snow and VERY windy.  My brother and sister-in-law were in the area so they went to see the baby and we met them at my son's house.  Me and my husband had supper there with them (my brother left around 4:00).

Let's join Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom .

Here are the new categories:
The weather
How I am feeling this morning
On my mind
On the breakfast plate
On my reading pile
On my tv
On the menu this week
From the camera
Looking around the house
Chore I'm not looking forward to today or this week  (I will put my to-do list here instead)
To relax this week, I will
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The weather (in celsius)
Snow Showers
Mostly Cloudy
Snow Showers
Snow Showers

How I am feeling this morning
Was feeling tired and achy when I woke up, but did some yoga stretches (easy ones), had my breakfast and have started laundry and rice is cooking so feeling ready for the day to begin!
On my mind
I chose my word for 2020 - it's BE NICE... to myself, to others, to the planet, in my words.
Do good things and good things will come back your way.

On the breakfast plate
Green tea with a toasted english muffin, butter and peanut butter.
On my reading pile

La Santé repensée de Dr. Gaétan Brouillard
Erreur 403: accès refusé de Cristina Rodriguez

On my tv

Les Américains (Season 6)
Cerebrum (Saison 1)
Bull (Saison 1)
Walking Dead (Season 7)
La fugeuse (Saison 2)
L'Académie (Saison 2)
L'heure Bleue (Saison 4)
Épidémie (Saison 1)
Léo (Saison 1)
Le Bon Docteur (Saison 2)
District 31
Lacher Prise (Saison 4)
Une autre histoire
Les Pays d'en haut (saison 5)
Toute la vie (saison 2)
5e rang (saison 2)
L'Amour est dans le pré (saison 8)
More Christmas movies on dvr

On the menu this week
Monday - rice / chicken / mushroom casserole
Tuesday - pasta with homemade meat-veggie spaghetti sauce
Wednesday - Tourtière (leftover in the freezer from NY's eve)
Thursday - grilled cheese sandwich and soup in the crockpot
Friday - ?

From the camera

(hoping I haven't posted these before)
Me at work Christmas lunch

My son and his family

Me, my sister and my brothers

Looking around the house

Feels spacious after the business of Holiday decor.
A puzzle on the kitchen table.
LR - yoga mat on the floor, chocolate and salted peanuts on the table, my notepad and pencil,
books (yoga for the face, Harry Potter unofficial cookbook, my goals notebook, a Gooseberry Patch cookbook, my sketchbook, a sketchbook how-to), a heated rice bag (dh had a sore neck last night), controller for propane foyer.  Lighted fairy lights on the mantel.
Kitchenette - cans of mushroom soup, mushrooms, pasta, spaghetti sauce (defrosting), on the counter with my 3-tiered stand holding Hot-chocolate bar (received the stand at Christmas, now I need to decorate it a little).

On my to-do list (chores) 

On Sunday I vaccumed main floor and washed main bathroom.  Also did a little laundry.
    • Post here - DONE
    • Menu-plan - DONE
    • Laundry - ongoing
    • Go to my son's house to hold the baby while daughter-in-law takes care of some other things.
    • Prep gym clothes for tomorrow - DONE
    • Prep work clothes - DONE
    • Prep ziploc bags of crafts I want to do this year
    • Paperwork to file
    • Prep a Rudy day basket (books I want to look at that day, a Christmas cup, ... my Rudy day notebook ....)
    • Prep the chicken-rice casserole
    • Prep the pasta casserole
    • Do dishes
    • Yoga - DONE

    To relax this week, I will

    I received a book on face yoga so I'm trying this out while watching tv at night.

    Sending positive vibes to
    Mom - so that she remembers more
    A friend at work who is waiting to know if she has a 4th cancer
    The son of our friends who is having kidney problems

    Quote of the week 


    1. Your quote this week, LOL! Too funny. Face yoga sounds very interesting. Love your word for 2020. Wonderful pictures. Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

    2. I think your menu has inspired me to get my crock pot out and make some soup.. A grilled cheese would be wonderful, too!

    3. A snow storm would be an amazing thing here in NC! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead !!!

    4. Your menu looks good! We had soup in the crockpot yesterday.
      You have a beautiful family.

    5. Love the family pics. The quote is perfect!! Have a great week!

    6. I love using my crockpot, makes my life so much easier. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and stay warm.

    7. Wonderful photos!

      Glad your daughter found an apartment and that you could help her settle in. It rained here on Sunday but we had the high winds too. Leaving church on Sunday we saw an absolutely gorgeous rainbow!

    8. I am so glad that we do not have a snowstorm. It has been warmer than normal here and I hope that trend continues. I do not believe that it will though.

    9. Your menus look good, Lucy, and I love the picture of you at the Christmas party! Very nice! Just curious...what do you do to prep ziploc bags for crafts? Hope your week is going well! :)

      1. In my ziploc bags... I'd like to put what I need to make a shawl for me (yarn, hook and pattern), a sewn primitive bunny (fabric, filling and pattern), yoda mug cozy (yarn, pattern and hook), etc...

    10. Happy 2020! I love seeing your new layout now and seeing your weather. Similar to mine. Lol!
      And love all the holiday pics and seeing your family. So sweet. Perfect quote too!
      Have a blessed week ahead. xoxo

    11. I'm LMBO over your inspiration this week - it really is giving me a good laugh! Sounds like you've had a busy week like always - hope it was a good one. Great pictures!