Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Christmas in July 2018 day 10 / Noël en juillet 2018 jour 10

CIJ day 10 / jour 10

Describe Santa’s journey with his reindeers.  Start from the moment he packs up the sleigh to when he returns back to the North Pole.

Santa starts with Australia so he can be there at midnight.  His beautiful wood sleigh is filled with his big red velvet bag, toys and gifts sticking out.  His big list of deliveries is next to him on the sleigh bench.
The reindeers are fed some ‘Magical food’ which enables them to fly all night without getting tired.  Around 11pm he has a nice glass of eggnog and his Christmas Eve cookies with a special ingredient that keeps him alert all night.  He leaves at 11:30 and starts his deliveries at midnight exactly (he has to wait for the children to be asleep even the tardy ones!)
He goes around the world following the time zones so he is at every place at their midnight.  He flies in and out of chimneys as quick as can be.  His reindeers are perky and excited on this most wonderful of nights.  His last stop is in US outlying islands (Baker Island, Howland Island etc) and then he flies back home.  When they get home there is a big celebration with songs and gifts for everyone.  This is followed by a few cookies and a warm glass of milk and everyone gets to sleep and dream about next year’s preparation.
The reindeers are petted, fed and watered and they get to sleep in their boxes with fresh had for 2 full days.  Santa’s elves take care of the reindeers and the sleigh.

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