Monday, 9 April 2018

Happy Homemaker 2018-04-09

Linking up to Sandra at Diary of a Stay at home mom 

I finished 3 more handcrafted Christmas gifts this week.  My husband got the ceramic tile off the bathroom floor (more dust everywhere and more cleaning up!)

It was my son's 25th birthday on Saturday.  He requested steaks on the grill for his birthday supper (we had it on Friday as he had a party on Saturday).  He was lucky with the grill, between 2 days of snow!  

The weather
Should be better than last week!  We had 8 inches of snow last Wednesday-Thursday and a few more inches Saturday.
This week should be around 0C temps with sun :)  we are missing the sun!

What I'm reading
Ongoing - The myth of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky
and Les enfants du Cap by Michelle Rowe

On my tv ... way too much!
La Voix
Walking dead Season 6
Unité 9
Survivant désigné
La liste noire
District 31
Regular programs are ending so should be able to catch up on recorded shows at some point.

Menu - planning
Monday -  Chicken fingers (not done last week)
Tuesday - ?
Wednesday - Egg casserole with beans
Thursday - Spaghetti
Friday- ?
Will figure it out later today

On my to-do list
Regular housechores.
Vaccum basement
Prep gym clothes for tomorrow and work clothes
Work on some crafts

What I am knitting, crocheting and crafting
Felt ornaments are finished!  I need to start a reader's shawl - will figure out if I do it knit or crochet and want to start a new pair of socks.

Looking forward to
2 new classes starting at my work place.  Painting on Tuesdays (at noon for 4 Tuesdays) and Yoga with balls on Wednesdays (9 wednesdays from 4:05 to 4:50).

Simple pleasures
Sitting in my rocking chair on the patio with the sun in my face

From the camera

Happy 25th Birthday Maxime!  He is such a good person :)

Quote of the week


  1. You, my friend do not look old enough to have a 25 year old son! Happy birthday to Maxime, I love his name. Have a beautiful week!

  2. Your egg casserole sounds good. Love the saying out sitting in the sun. Have a fantastic week.

  3. I am always impressed by how industrious you are.. getting your Christmas gifts made is an awesome undertaking!!!

    1. I am part of a web group called Magical Holiday Home where we talk about Christmas all year long. AS one of my friends there says... Christmas is my hobby!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! I'm inspired on how you are already working on Christmas gifts, falling way short on my small goal to simply do one thing to get ready for Christmas each month, 0 for 4 on that idea. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Have a great week too! Today is starting new knitted socks... for Christmas gifts :)

  5. I completely agree with the happiness is feeling the sun! We haven't seen very much of it here lately :( It doesn't snow much here though, so I feel for you, because it did where I lived a year ago :) Where are you living? And the paint class sounds amazing! I've always wanted to do that! Have a great week!!!

    1. Finally, even with the sun, it's just too darn cold outside (very windy). I live in Quebec Canada.

  6. Wow! You are amazing! So far ahead on Christmas 2018! I have good intentions every year, but never seem to make it! You are such an inspiration, though, that this year might be different! Have a blessed week ahead! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son! :)

    1. Hope you are inspired for Christmas 2018 :) Thanks for the bday wishes for my son

  7. Oh yes, I do love sitting out in the sun and just relaxing, letting all the stresses and worries disappear.

    Happy Birthday to your son :)

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my son. Hope you have a wonderful week too