Monday, 12 March 2018

Happy Homemaker 2018-03-12

A very weird week emotionally at work:
a co-worker's wife commited suicide :(  they had just come back from a one-week cruise. Another co-worker told us she is leaving for another job this week (my desk neighbor) :( . Then my ex-boss came by and told us he has been away since November, had a horse accident and was lucky not to be paralysed - he says his life will change from now on - he will concentrate on important things.  He has lots of therapy to do to come back to normal.
Ouf! what a week 

I applied on 2 other jobs - don't really want to change job but if I want a career advancement I guess I'll have to change :(  

On the home-front it was much quieter which is a good thing!  we did have a small snowstorm during the week and roads were slippery but I drove in to work with my husband.

The weather
Around 0C all week - so quite balmy.  A few flakes each day and more than a few on Tuesday. 

What I'm reading
L'appel de l'ange - Guillaume Musso

On my tv
La Voix
Walking dead Season 3
La fugueuse
Unité 9
Survivant désigné
La liste noire
District 31

Menu - planning
Monday - Macaroni chinois
Tuesday - Casserole poulet / riz
Wednesday - Vol aux vents au poulet
Thursday - Smoked meat sandwiches
Friday- ?

On my to-do list
Last weekend:
Regular housechores 
Bake cookies
Bake muffins
Prep the chicken casserole
Prep the Macaroni chinois

Yoga exercises
Deep clean pantry
Wash sink
Prep gym clothes for tomorrow and work clothes
Wash my bedding 
Continue Low-Fodmap free e-course
Journal declutter
one-thing-a-room declutter 
Work on some crafts

What I am knitting, crocheting and crafting
Working on socks.  
Started a set of Charlie Brown felt ornaments - FINISHED!
Crocheted a St-Patrick's top hat for the mantle yesterday.

Looking forward to
The 'green' of St-Pat's day!  Here's a picture of how Chicago celebrates St-Patrick's day

Simple pleasures
Decluttering - getting rid of things we don't use anymore... the AFTER, when there is space, is what is pleasurable.

From the camera

Crochet hat I made yesterday to put on the mantle - Happy St-Patrick's day!

Image of the week


  1. My heart goes out to you... Suicide affects everyone it touches! Please now your in my prayers and so are the family, and the co- workers!

  2. Am sorry to hear of the sadness at work. I have added you and your co-workers to my prayer journal and will be praying over all. You did a great job on the crocheted hat! Have a great week ahead and Happy St. Patrick's Day! <3

  3. So sorry for such a rough time at work and your co-worker's loss, just one of those would be tough but all at once. Reading your to-do list reminds me I conveniently forgot to put cleaning out the pantry on my to-do list. Cute hat! That cow picture is so funny. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Cute hat. I really don't celebrate St. Patrick's day. Back in high school we just wore something green to keep from getting pinched.

  5. Yes, your week certainly started out very difficult... so sorry about all the losses and issues, glad you redeem the week with our very impressive craftiness.. I love the Leprechaun hat!!!

  6. So sorry to hear about all the work place news. HUGS and prayers that everyone gets the help they need to deal with the traumas.