Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Happy Homemaker 2017-10-10

The weather
Monday & Tuesday unseasonably warm 20C.  However the rest of the week will be more Fall-like temperatures of 14C to 16C.

On my reading pile
Doomsday book (Connie Willis) – finished it this morning.  I liked it.  A book about Time-Travel in Oxford – England during the Black Plague.
I just started Into the Blue – Robert Goddard

On my TV
Way too much!  My dvr is full and can’t keep up.  I’ll have to stop watching some of the series.  They record faster than I can watch them.
I’ve got in the local shows:
Mémoires vives
Unité 9
Faits divers
District 31
L’heure Bleue
Occupation double à Bali
La Voix
Les Simones
Blue Moon
Others :
6 ft under
Nation Z
La liste noire


On the menu for this week
Nothing!  Had visitors over the weekend so did not menu plan.  Monday we had store-bought frozen tourtière.  Tuesday was leftovers.  Wednesday was sheppard's pie. No idea for the rest of the week

On my to-do list (last weekend)
My to-do list for next weekend isn’t written down yet.
Halloween decorations – DONE INSIDE – need to do the outside
Vaccumed all 1st floor – DONE
Halloween bags – 100 DONE – need to buy more candy
Participate in local White Geese festival (supper + evening but visit the farmer’s and crafter’s markets)

What I am knitting and crafting
Continuing my knit scarf (have ¼ done)
Started making felt cookies for Halloween costume – received the blue tutu from China last Friday – need to find a blue sweater to complete the lot.

Looking around the house
Halloween everywhere!!!  My son’s girlfriend helped me set up everything.  I'll put pictures soon.

From the camera
Family pictures from last weekend at Mont Ste-Anne.  We took the gondola up the mountain ($20 per person to-from)… only half an hour left before the end of the day so it cost $50 for the 6 of us.

Something fun to share
During the last weekend mom & sis watched some of my Christmas movies while I was decorating for Halloween!  They chose the Little House in the Prairie episodes.
Today I had a French grammar class at work – got the head working!

What I am wearing today
Jeans, black boots, long striped black-white sweater and black vest

Quote of the week
This quote represents me fully!

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. – CS LEWIS

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