Saturday, 1 July 2017

Christmas in July 2017 day 1 / Noël en juillet 2017 jour 1/ Week 1 : Feel good Holidays

CIJ day 1 / jour 1

Self-care / feel-good advent calendar
My kids are now grown-up so the advent calendar is now for me alone.  So this year I’ve decided to make myself a self-care advent calendar.  I have some homemade pouches that I will use for the calendar.

Here are some ideas I’ve come up with for now.  If anyone has other ideas, don’t hesitate to post.  Might use some this year and I need to have some for next year too!
·         Chocolate (a GOOD one) – of course this idea could be used and reused quite a few times. J
·         Fancy teabag
·         Simple bedtime yoga routine
·         Facial mask night
·         15 minutes of relaxation – No tech time
·         Watch a Christmas movie – I think every Friday night will be one of these
·         Write in my happiness journal
·         Read a Christmas magazine
·         Make a cup of hot chocolate and relax in front of the Christmas tree and reflect on Christmas
·         Do a RAK (Random act of kindness)
·         15 minutes of meditation or positive reading
·         Deep-breathing
·         Journal or draw in my Christmas journal
·         Do something nice for my husband
·         Work on my 2017 goals
·         Write a list of places I would like to visit
·         Handcare – massage + cream
·         Read a Christmas story from Chicken Soup for the Christmas Soul
·         Foot massage
·         Go to bed early
·         Burn a candle and listen to music

·         … what else?


  1. Nice list.

    Hot oil treatment for your hair--you use it in the shower.

  2. What an excellent idea! So creative and we can all use some pampering.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to start writing and organizing my calendar this year

  3. So, sometimes your bag includes the actual item (like the chocolate) and sometimes it just includes a note to do something like "Write a list of places I would like to visit"? This is a fabulous idea! I was searching for something to do for Sophia this year and I love the idea of little feel-good things - I'm already thinking a new nail polish, a face mask, some cozy socks, and more. Thanks for sharing. Love, love, love Christmas in July!

    1. Yes, sometimes it's notes and sometimes it's something yummy or fun! I'm sure Sophia will love your ideas Pamela

  4. This a wonderful idea for friends, Lucie! How about including a small craft kit -- something they (or you) enjoy, like cross stitch, etc. and it would be worked on 15-20 minutes at a time.

    1. It is a great idea for friends, but in this case it's for ME :)
      I like the craft kit idea, will add it to my list for next year's calendar