Thursday, 14 July 2016

Christmas in July 2016 day 14 / Noël en juillet 2016 jour 14

CIJ day 14 / jour 14
Christmas magazines

I love to have Christmas magazines!  In fact I receive some magazines but only keep the Christmas ones (the others I donate after looking at them).

The one I receive every year is Coup de Pouce.  When I receive it it gets me in the Holiday Spirit instantly!

I also have a few Martha Stewarts that I bought at the thrift store.  So Martha Stewart is also a good choice

There are also a few others


What Christmas magazines do you look at during the Holidays?


  1. I buy whatever Christmas magazines catch my eye - they are so fun to look through. And provide some great ideas!

  2. I LOVE Christmas magazines! I was in a magazine swap with a friend in England until the postage just got out of hand. I was so happy to see some English magazines at my local Barnes and Noble and I pick up the Christmas ones every year. One of the ones above (The Christmas magazine, the one with the big wreath on the front) is one I've picked up - I also buy BBC Good Food, Delicious, and the British edition of Country Living. Tea Time always has a great holiday issue and I love Sandra Lee as well.

  3. I read every single one that I can- from the glossy, expensive ones to the free ones the grocery stores hand out. I love them! Tanya

  4. Oh I love the Christmas magazines! The last several years in the the US they have gotten terribly expensive and not as good ( more modern decor) but there are a few I must always get, for tradition's sake. Usually BH&G Christmas Ideas and their Christmas Cookies.