Monday, 27 April 2015

Semi tutorial for my popsicle ornaments

I've been working on my ornaments for Christmas 2015 and I took some pictures along the way. Since I had no pattern I drew one freehand.
Here are the supplies that are needed.
1- Draw on a piece of paper your popsicle.  Cut out the felt popsicle (2).  Sew a straight line in the middle (put in a ribbon right away before sewing)

2 - Embroider the eyes and mouth.  Can be felt circles that are glued or beads also
3 - put in buttons ... I used 'brads' from the dollar store.
4- Embroider (or sew) around the popsicles leaving the bottoms open.
5 - Stuff, insert popsicle sticks and glue bottom with hot glue gun.
6 - Sew the hats and hot glue them to the popsicle head.  Add a felt carrot for nose (hot glue)
7 - Use a paperclip and bend to make some earmuffs.  glue miniature pompoms on the ears.
8 - using a pink highlighter, put in some cheeks color.
9 - add a scarf.

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