Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Christmas in July day 22 / Noël en juillet jour 22 2014

Today let’s craft.. it not really old-fashioned, but it looks old-fashioned when finished. It really is beautiful and one day I just might try to do one.
Un petit bricolage qui a des allures d’antan pour aujourd’hui. C’est vraiment beau et un jour vais ptêtr essayer d’en faire un.

Vintage butter dish to make
Source : http://www.thriftyandchic.com/2011/12/reinvented-butter-dish.html
Step by step instructions when you follow the link

Butter dish and cover

Drawer pull. You could do this with a knob, but you will have to use a Dremel or something of the sort to cut off the bolt.

Attach the pull to the cover with some Gorilla Glue. Usually you have to apply pressure to the pieces while the glue adheres itself, but there was pretty much no way to do this, so I didn't. And it didn't really matter. The pull still stuck like glue :)

Hot glue was tried to do this. FAIL. Super Glue. FAIL. The only thing that worked was the Gorilla Glue. It only took a couple of hours to adhere.

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