Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Christmas in July 2013 - day 10 / Jour 10 - Christmas Journal writing topics List 4

List 4 (from MHH 2010)

1. Growing up- were your family's Christmas' plain or elaborate?
2. What is the first Christmas you can recall? Give details.
3. What part, if any, did religion play in your families Christmas growing up?
4.Talk about your families Christmas tree growing up? Was it real? was there a tradition around getting it? Was it decorated the same each year? lights-colored or white?
5. Did your family decorate the outside of the house? How?
6. Did you celebrate any cultural or ancestral traditions growing up? Do you know their origin?
7. What are your first memories of Santa Claus?
8. As a child did you go to visit Santa every year? What do you remember most about that ?
9. Did you open gifts Christmas eve or Day? Were their traditions around the opening of gifts?
10. How did you get gifts for your parents/siblings when you were young?
11. Were you ever in a Christmas pageant/play/production as a child?
12. Did you write to Santa each year?
13. Do you remember when you "stopped" believing in Santa?
14. Did you make gingerbread houses or other special Christmas cookies each year? What about your families holiday kitchen do you remember most?
15. What (outside) activities did you grow up doing in the winter?
16. What do you remember about music surrounding your holidays growing up?
17. As a child did you ever shake gifts under the tree to try and figure out what you were getting? Do you still?
18. Close your eyes, what sounds do you remember about your childhood holidays? Do you have a favorite?
19. What was your Christmas stocking like as a child? Were there any traditions about stockings ?
20. Have you ever been Christmas caroling?
21. Was charity a part of your Christmases growing up?
22. Were there certain holiday tv programs, movies, performances you always anticipated ?
23. What do you miss most about Christmas as a child?
24. Do you remember how Christmas was marked as "over" as a child- meaning was it the putting away of the tree etc...
25. Do you have a Christmas object in your home now that has sentimental value from your childhood?
26. What holiday traditions have been added now that you have a family? Have any been dropped? What have been blended or merged from your significant others family?
27. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do during the holiday season but haven't yet?
28. What is your favorite Christmas phrase, quote, or verse?
29. What is your favorite Christmas scent/smell and why.
30. Do you have any Christmas collections? How did that all start?
31. How did you come to love Chrsitmas so much? Have you always loved it?

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