Friday, 5 October 2012

Halloween craft 2012

One day I'll have a Harry Potter Halloween party, so meanwhile I'm trying to craft some things that might be used for that party but also right now.
Here's my Platform 9 3/4 sign for the Hogwart's Express.
Bought a wooden plaque from the dollarstore.  Put some Gesso on it (paint that you put on wood so that the other paint doesn't sink in the wood).  Then I traced the letters & the circle on the plaque.  Mixed some red & black acrylic paint (to give the brick-red hue) and did the background, being careful not to paint over my traced letters.  After that I painted all the beige parts (mix of gold & white) and afterwards traced with the black paint.  Since I'm no good at tracing the circle isn't as round as what I'd drawn but hey, it still works ;)

Got the idea from here:

Here's mine :

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