Friday, 8 October 2010

Halloween fun - day 8


Q. Why did the ghost go into the bar?
A. For the Boos.

Recipe - Halloween drink

Goblin Face Caesar-tini
By The Canadian Living Test Kitchen
This recipe makes 1 servings
4oz (113 g) tomato clam cocktail
1-1/4 oz(35 g) vodka
2 tsp(10 mL) pickle juice
1/2 tsp(2 mL) prepared horseradish
3 dashesWorcestershire sauce
3 dashes hot pepper sauce
1 pinchsalt
1 pinchpepper
Goblin face
2pimiento-stuffed green olive
1miniature dill pickledill pickles or gherkin pickle
Garnish1 1lime wedge1 1celery salt
Goblin Face: Thread 1 olive for eye-ball onto toothpick. Thread pickle cross-wise for nose beside olive, them remaining olive for other eye. set aside.Garnish: Moisten 1/4-inch (5mm) rim of martini glass with lime wedge. Dip into plate of celery salt to coat. Set aside.Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add tomato-clam cocktail, vodka, pickle juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper; shake vigorously to blend and chill. Strain into prepared glass. Garnish with Goblin Face.
Additional Information:
Nonalcoholic Goblin Face Bloody Mary-tini:Omit vodka. Reduce pickle juice to 1 tsp (5ml).

Craft: Candy bouquet

Step-by -step tutorial

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  1. Love the drink and the bouquet is so cool!!