Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween fun - day 30th

A butler came running into his important masters office. "Sir, sir, theres a ghost in the corridor. What shall I do with him?"
Without looking up from his work the master said, "Tell him I can't see him."

Recipe - ghost cakes
Prep: 20 min., Stand: 2 min.
Yield: Makes 10 servings
· 1/2 (12-oz.) container ready-to-spread white frosting
· 1 (11-oz.) package cream-filled chocolate cake squares
· 1 (0.68-oz.) tube black decorating gel
1. Microwave frosting in a microwave-safe bowl at HIGH 30 seconds to 1 minute or until melted; stir until smooth. Let stand 2 minutes.
2. Place 1 cup melted frosting in a gallon-size zip-top plastic bag. (Do not seal.) Snip 1 corner of bag to make a small hole. Pipe frosting onto each cake square in the shape of a ghost, adding remaining frosting to bag as needed. Pipe 2 dots on each cake using black gel to form eyes.
Note: For testing purposes only, we used Little Debbie Devil Squares and Betty Crocker Decorating Gel.
Southern Living, OCTOBER 2008
Craft - bat storm
Get some foam sheets from the dollar store & cut bats from them. Hang from the ceiling.

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