Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween fun - day 28

Bob the Bat was hanging from a tree asleep one night.
When his friend Bill flew in and landed next to him,Bob Immediately smelt blood, and turns to Bill and notices blood all around his face.
He says to Bill excitedly,"Hey Bill, where did the blood come from, did you find a good meal"?"No i didn't", Bill says.
Bob trys again, "cmon Bill I wont tell anyone, where is the meal you found?"Bill says "there is no meal Bob, dont worry about it go back to sleep"
So, they stay hanging there for 5 minutes, but curiosity gets the better of Bob, so he asks again,"Cmon Bill wheres the meal you got, i wont tell any one else"
So Bill, fed up, says ok come wih me and flys off with a very hungry and excited Bob behind him.
After about 5 minutes, there both flying along,Bill gets closer to Bob and says,"See that big tree up ahead near the river bank"?Bob says "Yeah, yeah."
Bill says, "Well I didn't!"

Recipe - Fruit ghosts

• Fruit: Small seasonal fruit. Strawberries are completely out of season. Instead, look for small green figs, globe grapes, or very small lady apples.
• Chocolate and wax: We wouldn't use very expensive chocolate on these; the fun is in the look. Also pick up a small bar of paraffin wax and a bar of white chocolate.
• Other things you'll need: Wax paper or parchment. Small saucepan. Toothpicks.
• Melt chocolate: Add a walnut-sized lump of paraffin wax to about 8 ounces of chocolate and melt over very low heat. Let the wax completely liquefy and whisk together with the melted chocolate.
• Let chocolate cool: Here's where the project gets a little tricky. You would want the chocolate melted but thick so that it won't run off the fruit immediately. Let it cool for a few minutes then stir and try dipping the fruit.
• Dip and swipe: Dip the fruit in the chocolate and immediately drag out the excess chocolate on the wax paper or parchment, using a toothpick to swirl the end like the ghostie tails above. If the chocolate is too thin let it cool longer. If too thick, warm up again.
Alternatively, you could use a small spoon to create individual ghostie swirls on the paper, then immediately dip the fruit and place it on top.
• Eyes and mouths: Let the fruit cool until the chocolate is hard, then dab on mouths and eyes with the flat end of a toothpick dipped in melted white or dark chocolate.

Craft - Bat pumpkings

Video tutorial available here:

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