Sunday, 17 October 2010

Halloween fun - day 17

Q - What is Dracula's favorite kind of dog?
A- A blood hound.

Recipe - chocolate rats!
The effect of these would be great!

Yields: 8 rats
· 8 large strawberries, stems removed
· Sliced almonds
· 1 container(s) (7 ounces) dipping chocolate
· 1/2 cup(s) black decorating sugar
· Yellow and brown candy-coated chocolate-covered sunflower seeds
· Slivered almonds
· Black licorice laces
1. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Trim a small piece from one side of each strawberry so they can rest horizontally on wax paper. Insert 2 sliced almonds — about 1 inch from pointed end of strawberry and about 1 inch apart — to make the ears of the rat.
2. Follow heating directions for dipping chocolate. Insert a fork into the large end of a strawberry. Holding strawberry on fork over container of dipping chocolate, spoon chocolate over strawberry to coat. Allow excess chocolate to drip off, tapping fork lightly. Sprinkle with black sugar to coat and transfer strawberry to prepared cookie sheet. Add yellow candies for the eyes, slivered almonds for the teeth, and brown candies for the nose. Repeat with the remaining 7 strawberries. Refrigerate rats until ready to serve.
3. Make a hole with a toothpick in back side of a chocolate-covered strawberry and insert one end of a 4-inch piece of black licorice for the tail. Repeat with the remaining 7 strawberries. Serve with Creepy Critter Cheesecake.

Craft: spooky sign

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  1. First mice, now rats. You are killing me!!