Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pre- Boobash planning

Before I had a blog I wrote all my planning for the boobash on MHH forum... I will put a copy here...
Post of may 28th...
Ok, I made up a list as if I will have a Halloween boo bash. Here's what I got for now:

Outdoors decorations(not too many of these because we usually have rain, snow and wind a few days before and everything is blown away)
- Exterior lanterns in the steps (I have wide steps)
- Cobwebs everywhere with spiders.
- Ghosts in a circle- Sign "Morgue"

Indoor decorations - Kitchen (tattered curtains, specimen jars, bugs, spiders, rats, mad scientist theme, bones, test tubes, cobwebs)
- Kitchenette (witch kitchen theme - cauldren, jars of weird mixes and herbs, spell book, cobwebs, spiders)
- Bathroom (Gory shower-curtains & horror towels, blood-dripping candles, cobwebs, spiders)
- Living room (helium-ballon ghosts, tilt pictures on the walls, cobwebs, bats hanging from ceiling fan, tattered curtains, dustsheets on furniture, dead-witch under sofa, colored light bulb, coffing bowl on table for chips & dips)
- Downstairs (colored light bulb, dustsheets, bats, cobwebs, sign "trespassers Beware!!", garlic"tresse")
- Bedroom "no trespassing under penalty of horrible painful death" sign on door.

Need to figure out Date (probably the 25th of October), How many people (hockey friends about - about 25), for supper or just for the evening.

Food:- cocktail sausages: fingers in blood-red sauce
- Eyeballs (mushroom heads, filled with cream cheese and an olive)
- Dead-men fingers (pizza)
- Chips & dip for coffin bowl (guacomole & salsa)
- Head on a platter tray with colored vegetables all around...- Spider punch (punch with spiders made of marshmellows and licorice)
- Horrible lemonade (served in a weird container, add a bit of green coloring with gummy worms)
- Meathead- Desert: witch finger cookies
- Bloody popcorn (add red food coloring to melted butter)Party invitations- fingers in a box- rats in a box (really nice small ones at the dollar store)
Spooky music
- Mummy race
- Eyeball relay
- Pass the apple
- Musical tombstones
- Scary stories (maybe)
- House of horrors
- touchy felly gross stuff (maybe)Costumes to come...

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