Monday, 7 January 2019

Happy Homemaker 2019-01-07

Linking up to Sandra at Diary of a Stay at home mom 

I'm back!  

We've been away to my parents a few days for Christmas and then I had family over for NY's Eve (and some the day before), so it was pretty hectic and intermingled in that lots of people sick with colds.. which of course I have had now for some time (since the 28th).  

I have been SICK, sick, sick... 3 days of fever with lots of coughing, low energy.  So Since NY's day I have stayed home sick and slept for the most part on the couch coughing away. Did not go to inlaws for NY's day either.  

Feeling slightly better since yesterday.  I do have my regular doctor appointment this afternoon.

I'm so glad I'm off work these days! (I start on Wednesday) but I wish I could've spent my vacations differently than sick.

The weather (in celsius)
Cold today... with windchill -25C and tomorrow is a snowstorm.  Then I think it's nice for the rest of the week.
I did not go outside the last week , was just too sick.

What I am reading
L'Homme craie by CJ Tudor

On my tv 
Christmas movies .  I did not watch all I wanted to during the Holidays, just too sick

Menu - planning
Nothing planned yet, will have to do that soon.

On my to-do list (no idea what will get done, will depend on my energy level which is quite low at the moment
  • Wash oven
  • Sew buttons on dh's shirt (4 missing) - DONE
  • Declutter (dh has told me bathroom remodel will take longer so instead of being finished for February more like april or may... so no major cleaning in the house until then, which means more decluttering meanwhile!)
  • Check out some insurance papers
  • Post here
  • Freezer list to update
  • Rewash my bedding (germs)
  • Air out house (not today with -25C outside)
  • Print out deep-cleaning list for 2019
  • Print out 'gift list throughout the year'
  • Update Christmas notebook, maybe put CIJ blogposts in a different notebook as it is getting too thick (I keep it in case my 'virtual blog' goes up in smokes one day)
  • Egg pie
  • Menu plan
  • Monday - doctor's appointment
  • Tuesday - acupuncture appointment (unless I cancel, my energy level is low but on the other hand, might do me good)
  • Schedule regular programs on dvr
I go back to work on Wednesday, so glad it's a short week!

What I am knitting, crocheting and crafting
knitted socks
Need to knit 6 dishcloths for people who didn't get any at christmas

Something fun I did last week
Spend time with family

Looking forward to
Feeling better

A simple pleasure

From the camera

My family

Our family 

With Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves at my parent's house

Quote of the week 


  1. So sorry to read you have been sick, hope you are better soon.

    Your family photos are lovely, they look so happy.

    Hope you have a lovely week and feel full of energy!

  2. This crud is hitting everywhere! I am so over it... the cough is still around for us.. been sick since Christmas. Love the family pics! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks! Went to the docs and was influenza, but should be good to go to work pfff! would've taken a few more days ;)

  4. I hope you continue to feel better and better. GREAT family pictures. Have a WONDERFUL week.

  5. Sorry you have been sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. Wow, I want to amend that long to-do list for you and cross most of it off and just write, REST. Hope you are feeling better today!

  7. amen the quote!
    pretty family shot!

  8. Sorry you were sick. I hope you are feeling better! Love your quote!