Monday, 26 March 2018

Happy Homemaker 2018-03-26

Linking up to Sandra at Diary of a Stay at home mom 

Happy belated Rudolph day!  Rudolph day is the 25th but will be celebrating today as I am alone at the house today.

The weather
Windy and gray weekend.
Should have a few days above 0C this week, with some sun to begin the week.  Then rain on Thursday.... it'll make the snow go away - and it's time too.

Nice to have next Good Friday and Easter Monday off.

What I'm reading
Ongoing - The myth of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky
and La vieille lade, tome1 de Lucy-France Dutremble

On my tv ... way too much!
La Voix
Walking dead Season 5
Unité 9
Survivant désigné
La liste noire
District 31

Menu - planning
Monday - Béchamel sauce with hard-boiled eggs for my husband.  Rice and sausages for me.
Tuesday - Macaroni with ground meat, veggies and tomato sauce
Wednesday - ribs and rice
Thursday - smoked meat sandwiches
Friday- ?

On my to-do list
Last weekend:
Regular housechores 
Deep spring-clean my daughter's closet
Had to clean the whole bathroom again as dh broke off the tiles on the walls and there was pink dust everywhere.
Bake muffins

Make bed
Yoga / breakfast / shower
Vaccum basement
Prep gym clothes for tomorrow and work clothes
Prep macaroni
Cook hard-boiled eggs
Work on some crafts
Call medication company to fill in the papers so the pills get paid by insurance.
Go pick up a package at the post office
Put away a few heavy sweaters until next winter

This week I need to prep stuff for spending next Easter weekend at my parent's house (gifts for nieces and nephew,  candy (for a candy bar), etc....)
We also have an appointment for eye exam on Thursday night.

What I am knitting, crocheting and crafting
Working on socks.  
Prep a ziploc bag with supplies need to make felt ornaments for nephew and nieces.

Looking forward to
Easter - family time at my parent's house.

Following another free class on Udemy.  

I did one last week - by Elizabeth Heck Home health and herbal remedies .  I found it very interesting.

Simple pleasures
Getting new wood earrings I ordered from AllieExpress - China for only a few $$

From the camera
Demolition of bathroom tiles on the walls.

Quote of the week


  1. Mmmm....what kind of muffins are you baking? My husband has come up with his own chocolate/oat bran muffin recipe and they're delicious! Just you mentioning muffins made me think of them. LOL! Have a blessed week ahead and Happy Passion Week! <3

    1. Blueberry muffins from a mix. I prefer homemade but my husband prefers mix! go figure :)

  2. Love your quote for this week. Yes, it's time for the snow to go. Thankfully, we don't have any lingering around here but I know it could still happen (sure hope not!). Hope you have a great week!

    1. It's nice and sunny out today, might try to go read outside a little... part of the patio is free of snow

  3. You have a big to do list, goodness :)

    The wood earrings sound fun, I bet they're gorgeous.

    Hope you have a wonderful week :)

    1. Did not do all my to-do list... sunny outside so I went out and sat for awhile to read :)
      Have a wonderful week too

  4. Just getting around. Gosh, I haven't even thought about Easter yet. Have a nice week!

  5. I hope your bathroom remodel is coming along well. Have a GREAT rest of the week. Happy Easter.