Monday, 18 December 2017

Happy Homemaker 2017-12-18

Last week before Christmas!  I am pretty much ready.  Everything has been baked, wrapped and decorated.  Just maintenance.  I did make a low-fodmap spaghetti sauce during the weekend and made a few casseroles for the freezer in case I have guests over the holidays.

DH's construction site is finished and he has been home for the last few weeks.  we thought it might be for the winter month's but he will know tonight if he starts at another construction sight right after the holidays.  Ooops... thought he would renovate the bathroom over the winter months... it might be delayed!

The weather
We had over a foot of snow last week, roads were slippery... uggg!  Tomorrow is 5 to 10cm of snow and then more snow over next weekend.

On my reading pile
10 adventures around the world from Pierre Dupont - very interesting to learn about people and places - Still reading 

On my TV
Christmas movies! - LOTS of Christmas movies
Finished 6ft under series

On the menu for this week (may be changed)
Since dh is off work - he's in charge. 
I have a rice-meatball casserole ready to reheat for 1 meal.  Some spaghetti sauce for a spaghetti night also. 

On my to-do list 
Wash basement fridge (did that today)
Regular housechores
Laundry (never-ending!)
I'm starting to think 2018 planning...

What I am knitting and crafting
Still working on the scarf - ongoing

Looking around the house
Christmas lights everywhere and a Christmas movie on tv

From the camera

Found this picture on the net... I want a 2-tiered stand for a hot cocoa bar!
I've made one in a tray for this year (1st time) but it doesn't have the 'oumpf' of a 2-tiered one. 

Simple pleasures
Soft pjs and fluffy socks

What I'd like to do
I'd like to ge on vacation right away!! but they are coming up.  I'll be off starting Thursday night and back to work on January 10th.

Quote of the week
Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling
Edna Ferber


  1. I have one more day to work and then I'm off until January 3rd! Enjoy your vacation :)


  2. I've been watching a lot of Christmas movies too for the past few weeks! I'm just about done with everything - just odds and ends left to finish up before the big day.

  3. I too want a 3 tier tray for a cocoa bar! My vacation starts on Thursday too, but have to be back to work on Jan 8th. Have a great week!!

  4. How precious is that cocoa setup?!

  5. I love the two tiered tray. Great idea.

  6. Great idea for a hot cocoa bar but the fact you even made one on a tray automatically means it has ooompf! Enjoy!,

  7. LOVE your inspiration! I'm running a bit late while still recovering and not having a HHM this week is allowing me to play catch up. I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas and will see you in 2018.

  8. As you can see, I'm running a bit behind here. Love the idea of the two-tiered hot cocoa bar, but hot cocoa is great any way you serve it up! LOL! Hope you had a nice Christmas and am looking forward to catching up with you in the New Year. Blessings!