Monday, 16 October 2017

Happy Homemaker 2017-10-16

The weather
Monday is 10C with sun and some clouds
Mar.17 oct.
Risque d'averses
 40 %
 Près de 1 mm
 19 km/h S.-O.
Mer.18 oct.
Généralement ensoleillé
 10 %
 14 km/h O.
Jeu.19 oct.
Risque d'averses
 40 %
 Près de 1 mm
 25 km/h S.-O.
Ven.20 oct.
 0 %
 24 km/h O.
Sam.21 oct.
 10 %
 13 km/h O.
Dim.22 oct.
Ensoleillé avec passages nuageux

On my reading pile
Still reading Into the Blue – Robert Goddard

On my TV
Finshed 1st season of blue moon (excellent!) and season 2 of Nation Z (so-so).  Plodding along with season 2 of 6 ft under.
Sunday was H.Potter Movie Marathon with Val.

On the menu for this week
Monday - Sausages and mashed potatoes
Tuesday - Ham-egg quiche
Wednesday - Spaghetti
Haven't yet decided for the other days

On my to-do list (last weekend)
Wash outside basement windows - DONE
Deep clean all kitchen cabinets and declutter as I go - DONE
Deep clean linen cabinet - DONE
Change bedding in dd's room - DONE
Regular housechores - DONE

What I am knitting and crafting
Continuing my knit scarf (have 1/3 done)
Need to finish felt cookies for Halloween costume

Looking around the house
Beautiful Fall colors outside the windows.

From the camera
Hampton Beach summer 2017

Simple pleasures
Sitting down with a cup of tea and knitting.

What I am wearing today
Jogging pants, running shoes, cami, long sweater... housechores uniform!

Quote of the week

Don't less the silly little things steal your happiness

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