Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Christmas in July 2016 day 6 / Noël en juillet 2016 jour 6

CIJ day 6 / jour 6
Self-Christmas presents

Why not make a list of things I’d like for Christmas.  I usually make one and buy some of my own presents.. that way I get what I want J

*        A sweater ( I ALWAYS want and need new sweaters! Haha)
*        Body cream
*        Dark chocolate with hot pepper
*        Pedicure
*        Anything that comes from Renaud/Bray store
*        A 12 X 16 portfolio to store my drawings
*        Tea
*        Salt lamp
*        DVD series – Roots
*        Pook mittens, hat and scarf 
*        Hunger games dvd
*        Simply tai-chi dvd
*        Woodless colored pencils
*        Paintbrush case
*        MP3 blue-tooth
*        Blue-tooth speaker

I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas until then.   What would you like to receive for Christmas?


  1. I buy my own gifts for the very same reason! I started years ago because even though I always told or showed my DH what I want, he'd wait until the last minute and it would no longer be available. After years of me buying for myself he's finally starting to buy the gifts for me when I point them out to him in the store. It doesn't bother me to know what I'm getting, I know I'm getting something I really want/need!

  2. I have never though of making a Christmas wish list for me. I always have a running list of things in my head of things I could use or would love. It might help hubby know that to get me if I put it on paper. :)

  3. Great list. I'll have to think about mine. I'm torn between two DVD series - Monarch of the Glen or The Unit.