Friday, 10 July 2015

Christmas in July 2015 day 10 / Noël en juillet 2015 jour 10

CIJ day 10 / jour 10

Snowman in a jar.  This is a wonderful idea and so not expensive! 


DIY Snowman in a Jar

Supplies needed:

  • Mason Jar with lid
  • Small square of scrap fabric
  • Pair of twigs or sticks
  • Black buttons
  • Black felt
  • Orange felt
  • Small corn cob pipe (Hobby Lobby)
  • Felt in your choice of color
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • Scissors
    You can find everything you see here at your local craft store. Hobby Lobby is a great spot for the corn cob pipe as well as mason jars, felt, and more.
    1. Begin by creating your felt pieces. First, cut out two rounded squares from the black felt. These will be your coal eyes. If you want, you can substitute the coal eyes with actual coal (a bit messy) or black rocks.
    2. Now, create the carrot. We cut out a large triangle from the orange felt and twisted it into a carrot shape. We secured it in shape with some hot glue.
    3. Your snowman now needs a scarf. We cut a long length of green felt and fringed the edges with scissors.
    4. Place the three felt items into the jar. Now, tuck in the pipe, twigs, and buttons. Arrange them neatly in the jar so they can easily be seen on the outside.
    5. Place the piece of scrap fabric over the top of the jar. Secure the lid in place. You can ruffle the fabric a bit by trimming into a scalloped shape with your scissors.


  1. What a cute gift idea! I love how people share their ideas and include the instructions and free printables. I know many do things like this as a business but it's lovely to find a free idea.