Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Christmas in July 2013 - day 23 / Jour 23 - MHH friends

Seems I’m talking alot about Magical Holiday Home. I have been part of that group for a few years now and have made wonderful friends! In fact a few weeks ago I a box with lots of Christmas & Halloween goodies from one of my friends. It is a place to discuss Christmas, Halloween and all other festivities during the year as well as decluttering, books, etc… the subjects are endless!

There is K who loves ribbons and snowmen, A who has a heart so big it is unbelievable! She joins all community groups and is always in action to help others, my Pam who gives and gives and gives and buys all year long for EVERYONE, B who sews such beautiful gifts, SN who is such a wise woman, S with her pirates, J who talks to each of us everyday, L who is a fantastic teacher with beautiful well-educated children and who goes all out for every holiday, J who is a great family mama, D who takes care of her daughter with special needs, M who has been through alot and still keeps her Christmas spirit and has a wicked sense of humor, N who does such beautiful paintings, E who never stops, L who crafts throughout the year and makes so many beautiful things, C who drops in from time to time with her love for all festivities and for her lovely boys and so many more.

My days would not be the same without all these great gals.


  1. Aww...thanks Lucie! I am blessed to call you a friend! Love you!

  2. My sweet Lucie, as long as you don't spray me with shaving cream, we're good. I love you dearly, because you always make me laugh. Pam

  3. Lucie, I love our MHH family too! You are a dear friend.

  4. Lucie- what a great post, thank you! I'm so happy to count you as a friend. :)