Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pre-Boobash planning - Costumes

Post of May 30th

Here are some costumes ideas I havecostumes for me this year:
hmmmm... maybe half-awake / half-asleep...Half Asleep/Half Awake Cut some "footy pajamas" in half, and sew one side to half a pair of pants and half a shirt. On the asleep side, put your hair in curlers, wear no make-up, keep and wear a slipper. On the awake side, curl your hair, wear make-up, and wear a shoe. Carry a pillow on your asleep side, and a briefcase on your awake side.

I like this one too (but the expression doesn't work in French.. I'll have to keep explaining it all day... but might work for the teens... they go to english school).Raining Cats and Dogs Attach an assortment of small stuffed cats and dogs to an umbrella. Wear a rain coat and rain boots.

Movie "The Birds"... old dress & attach fake birds pecking all over with blood where they peck, cracked glasses, tease hair, add scratches. or like this one

HousewifeHair in rollers, facial mask, pajamas, wool socks, slippers, bathrobe. Add accessories: TV guide & remote control in pocket, pillow, etc....

Hannibal LecterOrange sweatsuit (to look like a prisoner) and attach black tape around knees & elbows for the look of the costume, fake chains... here's a picture of what I mean.. black dress (prom or wedding)

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