Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pre-Boobash planning - costumes worn over the years

Post of May 30th

Here's a list of some of our costumes over the years (always homemade ... mainly because DH doesn't see the need to put any money for Halloween except for candies for the kids).. but actually my costumes are different from the others and much nicer!

Last year I was dressed up as a titanic survivor .... old white bedsheets for a large skirtwith apron... I even made a life-jacket (I got a picture of an old one on the web).. but it was a bit bulky... and I wrote the Titanic on it ... with weeds in my hair... it was fun!!

My DD dressed up as Wilma from the Flinstones... found a white satin dressing gown and we added a bit of animal fur to dress it up at the collar and at the bottom (all with a glue gun) and small with styro balls made into a necklace.My DS did not dress up last year and my DH NEVER does... but maybe if I have a Boobash this year he'll have to join the fun!!!

Over the years we have had:
- a soldier ( I made a small vest with army kaki material, the hat was a construction hat .. we cut of the front part so it was just round and put some army material over it),
- a spaceman (I spraypainted rubber boots in silver, with a yellow sweatsuit and a bit of silver material for a belt and a hat and cuff coverings),
- a princess (an old Christmas dress my mother had for ages),
- a Raggedy Ann (old red sweat pants with yellow bands of material to look striped, I made a blue apron and I found a striped shirt at the thrift store, and I made the wig from orange wool).
- a tiger (when they were small... just a fur bib with an easy hat to make out of fur and easy fur mitts)
- a pumpkin (bib, hat and mittens)
- a jester (bib, hat and mittens)
- a gypsy- spaghetti bowl over the head (I glued brown pom-poms on my pants & shirt with pieces of a rag mop around to make it look like spaghetti & meatballs and a bit of red for the sauce and a pasta bowl on my head with rag mop glued into it).
- a scarecrow
- a witch ( I glued bugs on my black dress and put a black bird on my shoulder)
- a mermaid (made of the silver material left over from the spaceman)
- batman (old material given to me by a friend) and it was really a nice costume.. half black and half purple with a yellow bat on the front, a hat and a cape.
- A dinosaur (leftover purple from the batman)...
- A clown (with orange halloween pumpkins all over the material)
- Scary movie monster (DS wore this for 3 Halloweens... didn't want anything else)
- Freddy . Found a red and black striped shirt at the thrift store, an old hat of Grandpa's, and Freddy fingers at the dollar store.
- Man (for me a woman).. a expensive-looking silver jacket from the thrift store, with an ascot and Granpa's old hat.
- Cleopatra... dress made of old sheets.... with lots of golden jewelry.. and beads..
- Marilyn Monroe (dress from a thrift store & cheap wig)
- Construction worker for DS (my husband is a construction worker)
- Hippie
- scary doctor... thrift store green med outfit, white apron (full of blood), fake seringue in pocket, eyeballs, etc...
-,,,I try to get a different costume every year if possible... but now I tell the kids they have to make their own (my daughter - 17- wore hers for the last two years) and DS - 15- doesn't want to pass halloween anymore.

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