Monday, 8 January 2018

Happy Homemaker 2018-01-08

Christmas is over for 2017.  We had lots of great family time.  I've posted lots of pictures on FB.  
Everything is now washed, mopped, dusted, put away.  We are back to a normal routine. I have kept a few lights on the mantle and a lighted birch tree in the LR so it's still nice and cozy in the evening.

The weather
We've been freezing for the last week and a half! cold temps like we usually get in February.  After the snow, the cold - winter will be hard this year.

On my reading pile
Pain blanc, pain noir - Micheline Bail.  

On my TV
Still have lots of recorded Christmas movies to watch and this week regular programs are starting for the new season.

On the menu for this week (may be changed)
Monday - sheppard's pie
Tuesday - sloppy joes
Wednesday - sausages / mashed potatoes
will have to check the freezer for the other meals. 

On my to-do list 
I decluttered and deep-washed the office closet.  Got rid of a few things but it's still too full!
I decluttered and reorganised the office armoire & desk.
Regular housechores
Laundry (never-ending!)
Update blog with 2018 word & resolutions, Happy homemaker
Plan 2018 crafts (review ziploc craft kits)
Finalize 2017 Christmas budget
Return to work on Wednesday (arrg)!

What I am knitting and crafting
Knitting some socks and crocheting some dishcloths

Looking around the house
A bit stark after taking down all the Christmas decorations

Simple pleasures
Planning 2018 crafts

From the camera

My parents with my nieces and nephews enjoying a cup of hot chocolat with marshmallows near the fire outside with - 20C temps.

Quote of the week

It says it all!


  1. Hi!
    I could definitely use a warm blanket and a large book, but alas housework calls.

  2. I understand the battle with clutter. We have so.much.stuff. I'm on a mission this year to get as much gone as I can. And Laundry? We won't even talk about that! Have a GREAT week!

  3. Brrr... looks very cold. Stay warm!

  4. Wow... Im super inspired by all your organization.. Perhaps next week! hahaha God bless!

  5. Great quote! I was just thinking how amazing it is to have my house grow each year after I put the Christmas decorations away (if only the effect would last...). Hope you are staying warm and having a wonderful week!

  6. Decluttering is high on my list for 2018 as well.

  7. Enjoyed reading your blog. I so enjoy the Christmas season, but I also enjoy getting everything back in order once it's over. :) Love the quote! Have a blessed rest of the week! <3