Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Happy Homemaker 2018-01-22

A bit late in posting because I changed my day off work from Monday to Tuesday this week as they were saying a snowstorm on Tuesday.

Finally my daughter's diagnosis is in - Crohn's disease.  She has more bloodwork and a tuberculosis test to have before starting some injections every 2 weeks. Luckily she has insurance because the cost of the medication is prohibive.

We had a full house last weekend with the kids and my son's girlfriend and kitten.  I had a governement exam Saturday all morning (got home at 12:45) and I can't say I found it easy. Will have results in a few months.  Mother-in-law also came for supper Saturday night.  

So here goes:

The weather

Monday - 14C
Tuesday - Snowstorm with freezing rain and winds in the forecast.  It is now noon and we have had about 3 inches of snow.   seems to be turning into rain.  For now it looks fine here but watching the news it's not the case in town. High of -4C.  They are saying the worst is yet to come this afternoon.
Should be colder towards the end of the week but back to 0C for Saturday.

What I'm reading
Pain blanc, pain noir Tome 3 - Micheline Bail

On my tv
Some recorded shows and since it is Rudy day this week, will watch a Christmas movie this afternoon
Have decided to delete 'Modern Family' , didn't like it enough and have enough other shows to watch.

Menu - planning
Monday - pork chops in the crockpot with rice
Tuesday - chicken fillets with fries, will also make a soup
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - spaghetti

Might be a few changes in the menu

On my to-do list
Regular housechores
Cancel Sears credit card - done this morning
Schedule gastro appointment - left message they will call me back
Wednesday - hair cut & colored
Schedule massage therapist appointment for February and ask for last year's receipts for insurance - done this morning
Start packing for Florida vacation

What I am knitting, crocheting and crafting
same old, same old... socks and dishcloths

Looking around the house
yoga mat on the LR floor.  On the LR table, journals (for journal decluttering), yarn bowl, a big box of Lindt chocolate, crochet & yarn, teacup.  In the guest room - open suitcase with clothes and shoes.  

Simple pleasures
Celebrating Rudolph day with a Christmas movie and some knitting (socks for Christmas gifts next year!)

From the camera

A picture I found on the internet and that I am using as my FB profile picture.

Quote of the week

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  1. I'm running so late this week visiting everyone. I sure hope you had a GREAT week!