Sunday, 19 November 2017

Happy Homemaker 2017-11-30

The weather
Lun.20 nov.
Nuageux avec éclaircies
 30 %
 25 km/h O.
Mar.21 nov.
Ciel variable
 30 %
 Près de 1 mm
 8 km/h N.
Mer.22 nov.
Risque d'averses
 40 %
 Moins de 1 mm
 18 km/h S.-O.
Jeu.23 nov.
Généralement ensoleillé
 20 %
 1-3 cm
 11 km/h S.-O.
Ven.24 nov.
Averses de neige isolées
 40 %
 Moins de 1 cm
 20 km/h O.
Sam.25 nov.
 70 %
 Moins de 1 mm
 10-15 cm
 17 km/h N.-E.
Dim.26 nov.
Plutôt nuageux
 40 %
 22 km/h O.

On my reading pile
Anders de la Motte - Buzz - book 2 of the game

On my TV
Regular tv programs are ending this week before Christmas, so I'll watch these.  Christmas movies will be watched this week, just haven't decided which ones yet.  I have a whole box.  Grand finale of our local The Voice for kids.

On the menu for this week (may be changed)
Steak, potatoes and carrots
Cabbage stuffed rolls
Chinese noodles
... Friday?
This can be changed

On my to-do list 
Regular housechores
- Laundry & ironing
- Sausages and bacon - DONE (dh just made them) for freezing
- Italian sausages to be cooked and sliced for freezing
- Mini-pizza muffins for freezing
- 1 or 2 desserts for freezing
- Prep half Christmas cards
- Wash oven
- Menu plan
- Wrap

What I am knitting and crafting
  Continue with scarf and socks
- Start crocheting dishcloths
- Make some felt ornaments

Looking around the house
Full Christmas decor with lots of lights everywhere, so nice and cozy.

From the camera

Picture taken of Le Château Frontenac in Quebec city this summer

Simple pleasures
Waking up and realizing you have the day off

What I am wearing today
Old jeans, comfy sweatshirt, crocs slippers

Quote of the week
Cold night
large sweater
warm tea
good books
soft socks
and box of chocolate


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! I'm in the mood for Christmas movies, too. Started last night with The Homecoming and The Bells of St. Mary's. Will be pulling It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol with Alister Simm out soon. Love this week's photo and quote! Blessings!

  2. Unexpected days off (as well as planned ones) are always nice aren't they? What a wonderfully interesting building in your photo. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. I am running so, so late this week visiting everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends. Have a great weekend.