Monday, 2 October 2017

Happy Homemaker 2017-10-02

The weather:
Fall weather finally!  13C with sun today and upcoming week is from 16C to 20C.

On my reading pile:
Doomsday book – Connie Willis.  Recommended by my friend PamelaG. 

On my TV:
Ongoing with 6 feet Under.  Halfway through season 2.

On the menu for this week:
Chicken vol aux vents , steaks, smoked meat. 

On my to-do list last weekend:
My to-do list for next weekend is not written out yet.  During the week I work during the day so don’t accomplish anything in the evenings! I get home and am beat so weekends are for the to-do lists.  Which is why I’ll post about the last weekend to-do list.

Outside windows (front) –still have to do the rest of the house but those are the worst ones – glad it’s done!
Deep-clean 2 entry closets –put out the mittens and hats in the Front closet.  Put away sandals.
Low-fodmap crockpot spaghetti sauce to make 2 lasagnas for the freezer
French onion soup for the freezer
One load of summer clothes taken down to the basement
Regular housechores

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:
Working on my scarf – finally advancing a bit.  One of my friends on MHH sent me a link of how to do a ‘lifeline’ and it sure helped a lot with the unknitting!

Looking around the house:
My to-do list on the coffee table along with my knitting.  
Looks nice outside with lawn mowed and all flowers and shrubs cut (except for the hedge which dh is hesitating with).  
Halloween totes have been pulled out from the attic and are now sitting in the basement.

From the camera:

Don't always have new pics, so I'll pick some random pictures I have on the computer.  An old picture of March 2017.... it's a-coming!

Something fun to share:
Started a new class at noon two weeks ago - Stretching (we have some classes available where I work during lunch hour - $).  1st class was just ok, but 2nd one was quite good. Hoping it helps to pull the kinks out of this body! :)

What I'm wearing today:
For now I'm still in my pj's getting this post ready.  I'll just put on some jeans and a sweater.

Quote / saying:

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  1. I miss a snowfall like the one in your photo. Our Rhode Island house looked like that one year. I loved the episode of the Great British Baking Show when they made vol aux vents - they were really works of art.