Thursday, 6 July 2017

Christmas in July 2017 day 6 / Noël en juillet 2017 jour 6

CIJ day 6 / jour 6

How to stay in good health DURING the holidays

·         Start with porridge – it stabilizes the blood sugar level and helps control the appetite later in the day.  Add a dollop of probiotic yogourt
·         Stay hydrated – water / herbal tees.  Start with a warm glass of water when you wake up – you could add a little lemon in the water.
·         Pre-party snack : yogourt, banana, soup…
·         Buffet – fill half you plate with salads / veggies and proteins
·         Eat slowly / chew your food.  Remember it takes 20 minutes to reach the brain that the stomach is full.
·         Alcohol – alternate each glass of alcohol with a glass of water
·         Stay active – walk, dance
·         Do what you enjoy
·         Have a home-spa day (use Epsom salt in your bath)
·         Sleep / nap
·         Wash your hands often!  Wipe down high-touch surfaces.
·         A Chinese self-massage in the morning

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