Sunday, 2 July 2017

Christmas in July 2017 day 2 / Noël en juillet 2017 jour 2

CIJ day 2 / jour 2

Getting in shape for the Holidays

·         Easy yoga routine.  I like the ones with Esther Eckhart on youtube and you can do the part of the body you want or a whole routine.  I do the beginner routine… I like the seated hip opening sequence ( )and Yoga for opening the shoulders ( ).  I also like the Morning yoga flow ( )sequence.  They are quite short sequences so I do at least 2 of them at a time.  Cole Chance from YogaTX is another one I like very much.
·         Any other exercise or stretching is good – 20 minutes would be great if you don’t exercise regularly.  You can get a printable easy stretching routine here :

·         Sleep – have a regular sleep routine IMPORTANT!
·         Hydration – plenty of water.
·         Eat light – healthy foods.  Remember it’s a no cheat month.  Do portion control and no alcohol!
·         Cut sugar – salt
·         Regular vitamin D
·         Get your flu shot
·         Relaxation – meditation – drawing – 15 minutes a day.
·         Walk at least 15 minutes a day
·         Self-massage with tennis balls  .  In fact when I found this, I printed it out instantly.  I will be trying this.
·         8-step ayurvedic morning ritual


  1. Fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Great post! I'm going to check out the yoga links. At a certain age (mine!), flexibility is so important.

  3. Wonderful advice! If we follow it, we'll be in better shape not only for the holidays, but for anything else life throws at us.

  4. I agree, keeping yourself in shape and happy is the best way to get ready!