Monday, 25 July 2016

Christmas in July 2016 day 25 / Noël en juillet 2016 jour 25

CIJ day 25 / jour 25

Merry Christmas in July!!!  Only 6 more months until Christmas J

Have a cup of hot cocoa and work on your Christmas tradition list.

Thank you all for joining me in CIJ 2016. 


  1. I have loved your Christmas in July. TFS Tanya

  2. Love the cup of cocoa and the list of traditions. They are always fun for me to read to see what other families have as traditions.

  3. Wait, is CIJ over? I guess it should be since it's the 25th? I wasn't paying attention - I think I went through the whole month of July last year!

    1. 1st year I did all July, now I'm stopping on July 25th