Friday, 6 July 2012

CIJ 2012 - day 6 Falala Friday - Family film

How about the Polar Express film to go with this week’s theme?

Here are some interesting tidbits about the film :

A close examination of all the ticket numbers reveals that they all contain the number "1225" in them. Pere Marquette No. 1225 was used as a model for the Polar Express locomotive. 12-25 also refers to the date of Christmas - December 25th.

The real name of the Hero Boy is never mentioned.

When the conductor says “11344 Edbrooke” near the beginning of the film, he’s referring to director Robert Zemeckis’ actual childhood home in Chicago.

Polar Express author Chris Van Allsburg gets a reference to his hometown in, too – when Hero Boy looks at a picture of himself on Santa’s lap, you can see that it was taken at Herpolsheimer’s. That was a real department store in Allsburg’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is also where the movie premiere was held.

Polar express party printables :

Here’s a fun trivia quiz :
1. What month, day and year did the Polar Express Movie premier?
2. In what city did its grand premier happen?
3.What is the Team name on one of the pennants on the boys bedroom wall ?
4. At what mall are the "Santa's On Strike" protesting?
5. When the boy is looking at a photo of Santa with the newspaper article, who is sitting on Santas lap?
6. Where was the photo taken?
7.What was Hero boys sisters name?
8. What was lonely boys name?
9. What was lonely boys address?
10. What are the train engineers names?
11. What was the department stores name?
12. What real locomotive is the Polar Express based on?
13. What toy is Hero Boy holding when his sister finds and hands him the first gift?
14. What famous rock singer is the elf on the uni-cycle?
15. How many characters did Tom Hanks play?

Answers :
1. November 10 2004
2. Grand Rapids Michigan
3. Milwaukee Beers
4. Lone Pine Mall
5. Hero Boy
6. Herpolisheimers
7. Sarah
8. Billy
9. 11344 Edbrooke
10. Smokey & Steamer
11. Herpolisheimers
12. The Pere Marquette 1225 a restored steam engine in Owosso MI
13. A Marionette
14. Steven Tyler
15. 5- Santa Claus, the Conductor, the young Hero Boy, The Hero Boy's Father, and the Hobo

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  1. THis is my favorite movie and book for Christmas. I loved using it in the classroom with my little ones.