Tuesday, 19 July 2011

CIJ 2011 - day 19

How about Snowman popcorn wrappers? They could be added to a movie basket composed of a dvd, a throw, popcorn seasoning, some m&m's, etc...

Pourquoi pas des emballages bonhomme de neige pour popcorn? Ceci pourrait être inclus dans un panier cinéma composé d'un dvd, une jetée, des assaisonnements de popcorn, des M&M's, etc...
Source: http://debsheartandhome.wordpress.com/category/homemade-holiday-gifts/popcorn-wrappers/


  1. What a great idea! Did you stamp the snowman or draw him? I'm not that creative so I'll have to find a big sticker. Our local craft store has these fleece blanket kits in the Christmas in July aisle - one of those (must find another 40% off coupon) the basket with the dvd, popcorn and candy would be a great gift. It's something you could keep under the tree in case someone comes by with an unexpected gift...and if that doesn't happen, turn it into a movie night gift for your family.

  2. I love this idea !