Monday, 3 November 2008

Elf 2007

Pics of Jujubes.. the elf who visited our family in 2007

Last year Santa sent us one of his helpers to check if the kids were nice until Christmas. Jujubes arrived on December 1st with 2 advent calendars, his passport and a letter from Santa explaining his mission.
During the month of December he brought a few gifts; DVD National Lampoon's Christmas, etc...

We also found him listening to a Christmas movie, eating chips and having a softdrink with some of other plush toys.
Once we found him in the kitchen with a band-aid on his knee and a letter adressed to the kids saying he had tripped on stuff in their room and they had better clean up their act or else he'd tell Santa!

My kids (15 and 17) liked it even though Ds-15 didn't want anyone to know about this. DD liked it very much.

If you want more info on how the elves work go to MHH (magical holiday home).
Wonder if he'll come by this year??

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